Beta Testing

Beta is complete. Thanks for helping us test! Check the download page for the latest release.

PingPlotter 5.01 Beta 1 - June 10, 2016

Changes since 5.00.14
  • Constant data collection is now (more) possible. An original goal of PingPlotter 5 was to run forever without having to configure it. In the initial release of version 5.0, this was only possible in certain cases - and when you went back to review (distant or lots-of) history, memory errors could occur. This should be solve in this version, with the goal of allowing this release to run continuously with hundreds of targets (with no defined time where "too long" exists).
  • Build statistical aggregation to improve performance looking at 7-day time periods on a summary screen without having to re-build statistics each time a new sample arrives.
  • Startup is significantly faster (both on slow and fast machines), and the user interface becomes pleasantly responsive much sooner.
  • Fixed performance issues where lots of route changes (turns out 2 weeks of 2.5 second completely unique combinations of routers takes a lot of work and memory to keep track of).
  • Added progress bars to many areas where large volumes of data were causing uncertainty (and sometimes "the user interface appears to be frozen" messages)
  • Workspaces can now be migrated from version 4 with history much more reliably.
  • Fixed a good handful or scenarios that would cause lockups.
  • Rebuilt the options system to get rid of errors, painting problems and inability-to-use. For those looking for more options, we're working on that, but this update was focused on making it work better, not making it everything.
  • Added some better error logging to make it easier to find errors (although we're sure (uh...) that errors are banished forever).
  • Significantly improved the REST call alert to work with different kinds of services and better template variable substitution.
  • Some tweaks to web interface (we aspire for more, but ...)
  • Improved ability to use multiple cores on some slow operations.
  • Fixed stickiness of Column widths and visibility through a close/reopen. Also the time graphs you were looking at when you closed should reopen. (Pro Only).
  • Fixed a handful of graph painting / not updating problems.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple remote agents really, really wanted to have their settings combined and then erased.
  • Bunches of minor GUI tweaks.
  • Fixed bug where an "ALL" alert mask tied to intermediate hops, too, instead of just to all final destination.
  • Fixed a bunch of other annoyance/behavior bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused launching on a FIPS-enabled machine to fail.
  • Fixed some data locking problems that would sometimes cause issues when writing to the disk.
  • Better, faster, stronger. More superhero-like.

Migration Notes

This does require an update of the store data files, and moving from 5.01 back to 5.00 isn't possible without exporting your workspace from 5.01 and reloading it in 5.00. You might want to make a copy of your sessions.ppdata file (in %appdata%\PingPlotter 5, or in \ProgramData\PingPlotter 5 if you're running as a service).

Once you run 5.01, if you have a lot of collected data, an optimization is run in the background. Until that optimization is done, we recommend not loading up a long focus period or dragging back in time very far. Once this process is done (there will be a progress bar at the bottom of the window), then you should feel free to inspect as much data or as far back as you like.