PingPlotter for Windows

Version 5.4.3 Released

Graph ping and traceroute over time. Find the source of network problems, and fuel solutions with the evidence.

Recently Added

New features and improvements release on a regular basis. If you're interested in staying on the cutting edge, the best way to make that happen is active maintenance. That's a service that gets you upgrades, access to new platforms, and more. New licence purchases include maintenance for a year, and subscription maintenance never expires.

Focus time information

See exact details about focus time range under the trace graph.


64-bit system architecture

Harness the full power of your computer with 64-bit PingPlotter.


Import/Export improvements

Manage large .pp2 files and workspaces better with the help of some under the hood enhancements.


Summary screen convenience

Right-click to open full graphs or reset and restart a target. Automatically add targets to summaries and highlight selected timelines.


Jitter "Target" line

Place a line across the graph to make it easier to identify jitter above your acceptable limit.


Get the latest version

In-program updates and the download page are the best place to get a hold of PingPlotter's latest version. Visit your account to check maintenance status and reactivate licenses requiring attention.