Remote Network Troubleshooting

Collect diagnostic information from client machines without leaving your favorite chair.

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PingPlotter CloudConnect

CloudConnect transforms PingPlotter into your networking command center. The service delivers network diagnostic information from remote machines to a central hub where you can monitor and troubleshoot as if the traces were happening on your computer.

Cloud-Delivered Network Diagnostics

Agents, a web service, and PingPlotter form CloudConnect. Together, they are a system for monitoring network activity on remote machines and diagnosing issues as they arise.


Agents deploy to client machines. They're basically a copy of PingPlotter you can control from your computer.


A web service manages delivery between agents and PingPlotter. It ensures all information reaches its destination.


PingPlotter is the same product you've always known. Only now it connects to the web service and receives data from agents.

Monitor Everything, Everywhere

Anyone worth their salt knows the best diagnostic information comes from the computer experiencing the problem. Usually, that means it's your job to help clients test their network over the phone or travel to their location and collect the data for them. CloudConnect offers a third option. It lets you test a client's network from anywhere you want.

All it takes is deploying an agent to a client machine. Agents test the network and relay the information to your computer for analysis. You can deploy an unlimited number of agents, and there's no limit on how long they run. Agent settings can also be adjusted on the fly — just like a normal PingPlotter trace.

Decrease travel time

The very nature of a remote troubleshooting option reduces your need to go places. Avoiding travel adds up over time. Before you know it, you'll be spending less time per client and doing something awesome with the extra space on your schedule.

Minimize client involvement

Activating CloudConnect agents involves having clients click a "magic link". There's no typing in IP addresses or making firewall exceptions. CloudConnect does the heavy lifting so your client doesn't have to.

With CloudConnect, you can make all the adjustments you need right from PingPlotter. Change trace targets. Set alert actions. You'll never have to play phone tag again trying to get the info you need.

Collect unlimited data

Agents test the network for as long as you need and are not limited in the amount of data they transfer. Think of each agent as an extension of your own PingPlotter. Your only limitation is the number of active sessions allowed by your version.

Getting Started

  1. Share a "magic" activation link
  2. Ask your client to click the link
  3. Open PingPlotter on your computer
  4. Select the agent and start a trace
  5. Adjust settings as needed
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CloudConnect Pricing

CloudConnect is an add-on that works with any PingPlotter license or subscription.

Pricing will be a monthly subscription based on the number of agents you use. We'll notify you when more details are available.

CloudConnect vs Remote Agent

The remote agent from earlier PingPlotter versions collected data from remote machines in some cases, but factors like requiring a constant connection and complicated setup held it back. CloudConnect is a more flexible solution that fits a wider range of use cases.

The comparisons between CloudConnect and the remote agent tell the whole story.

Remote agent
Share and click activation link
Install agent, adjust firewall, setup PingPlotter
Adjust settings with PingPlotter
Modify scripts to adjust settings
Data transfer
Cloud backup prevents data loss
Requires constant connection
Packet types
Modify scripts for different packets

Deploying CloudConnect is easier. More settings are available with CloudConnect and data transfer is backed up to the cloud. Dropping the connection does not affect CloudConnect's ability to move trace results between agents and PingPlotter.

Do More by Doing Less

Remote troubleshooting is a pain, but it doesn't have to wear you out. CloudConnect lets you work faster without forcing you to work harder. Test networks from anywhere, help clients without the hassle, and keep traces running when connections drop. CloudConnect gives you the tools to get things done the way you want, all from the comfort of your own desk.

Shape the Future of PingPlotter

Want to experience CloudConnect before the official release? Our latest PingPlotter beta is live! You can learn about all the new features and participate in making PingPlotter even better on our beta page.

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