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After you purchase, we'll email your license key. Volume discounts and money back guarantees are available for all products. If you find yourself with questions, try the licensing FAQ.

Perpetual License
Monthly Subscription


  • Recommended for serious network troubleshooting
  • One payment gets current version forever
  • Includes maintenance for a year


  • Good for customer machines and home usage
  • One payment gets current version forever
  • Includes maintenance for a year
Monthly Subscription


$19.99 /mo
  • Less startup cost for team deployments
  • Adjust license count every month as needed


$6.99 /mo
  • Nice for troubleshooting specific, ongoing, issues
  • Cancel anytime

Save $100 on 5 Professional Licenses

Volume discounts apply when you purchase multi-computer licenses. Outfit your entire team all at once and save a few bucks while you do it.

Need more targets?

Test hundreds at once with PingPlotter Professional.

If you have a Standard license, you can trade it in and get credit toward PingPlotter Professional. Visit your account to get started.

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Perpetual licenses

All licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, you can use that version forever. New licenses include 1 year of free maintenance. Active maintenance includes perks like inclusive upgrades and priority support. More information about subscription is available on the maintenance page.

The easiest place to purchase upgrades and maintenance extensions is the account system. If you lost your email, or can't access your account, you can enter your license key into the backup page to process your upgrade.

Monthly subscriptions

PingPlotter subscriptions bill automatically on a month-to-month basis. Your billing date will be the day you purchase the subscription.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. To cancel a subscription, log into your account. After subscriptions are canceled, you can continue using PingPlotter for the remainder of the current month.

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Other questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email us. If you're interested in the terms of our "common sense" licensing agreement, please visit it here.