Find and Fix Network Problems

With PingPlotter you can stop scratching your head, find the source of the problem, and navigate to a solution.

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Start Troubleshooting in a Few Quick Steps

When videos won't stop buffering or VoIP networks are unreliable, figuring out where the problem originates is a daunting task.

PingPlotter graphs packet loss and latency over time and makes finding the source of network issues easier.

Free resources like the Step-by-Step Network Troubleshooting Guide are also available for when you encounter unfamiliar territory.

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Get started with PingPlotter in 3 steps

Gather Evidence and Prove Where Problems Originate

Timeline Graphs

Zero in on intermittent problems by graphing packet loss and latency over hours, days, or even weeks.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Easy to read guides speed the learning curve and get to solutions in less time.

Custom Alerts

Send email, play sounds, log to file, show message, or launch executables when network conditions change.

Long-Term Monitoring

Collect and save data over multiple days or even weeks.

Image Saving

Save graph images directly to files and share via email or other social media.

Route Change History

Find which route to a target is taken throughout the day.

Flexible licensing

PingPlotter comes in Free, Standard, and Professional editions. Monthly subscriptions and perpetual licenses are available for each edition, and volume discounts apply to multi-license purchases. All perpetual licenses include one year of maintenance. The service includes perks like upgrades, priority support, and access across all platforms.

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