PingPlotter Beta Testing

Want to shape the future of PingPlotter? Interested in trying out awesome new tools before they go live? Beta builds give you a chance to experience the shiniest, newest features while helping us create the best PingPlotter possible.

How it Works

PingPlotter beta features are exclusive to Standard and Professional license-holders with active maintenance. To participate, Follow these steps:

  • Download the latest PingPlotter version from your account page.
  • Visit the beta activation page and follow the instructions. When PingPlotter launches, you’ll be alerted to the beta's activation.

You're now set to test your new traceroute superpowers!

Sharing Feedback

Hearing how the beta works for you helps us build a better PingPlotter. Please check for known issues in the Release Notes, and share whatever feedback comes to mind during your testing.

Email the Beta Team

Remote Network Troubleshooting

Version 5.8.1

Deploy and configure network traceroute monitors for any computer without ever leaving your desk. CloudConnect allows you to install and calibrate remote agents with a simple activation link — you’ll never need to worry about walking clients through firewall settings. Agent data is stored to the cloud, so every second of traceroute info is safe if you lose connection.

You can discover more about CloudConnect here, or learn how to deploy agents in our Cloud Connect Getting Started guide.

CloudConnect Beta

Version 5.8.1

Released 2018-11-26

Beta End Date: 2019-01-07

Activating maintenance

PingPlotter beta features require active maintenance. If you’re unsure of your status or would like to activate maintenance for your account, visit your account page. We'll keep the beta warm until you get back.