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PingPlotter Cloud provides network visibility in hard-to-reach places so you can run a better business. Contact us for yearly subscriptions, product information, and more.

  • Mass deployment
  • Assisted troubleshooting
  • Yearly subscriptions
  • More agents per trace
  • Longer history
  • Additional users

Monthly Subscription

Subscription charge every month and include all maintenance perks.

Traces are active tests between a PingPlotter agent and a target on the network. Subscription cost is based on how many traces you want to run at once.

Agents are small programs (PingPlotter instances) deployed on remote machines to collect troubleshooting data. The number of agents an account can deploy at once is determined by trace count.

Trace Count Agents
5 to 9 1 agent per trace
10 to 24 3 agents per trace
25+ No limit
Tim Quigg Headshot

We've been able to push back on ISPs... we could see one backbone link causing issues with multiple [end users] in the area.

Timothy R. Quigg Director of Technology at Levenfeld Pearlstein