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CloudConnect is now PingPlotter Cloud

CloudConnect, our first foray into troubleshooting remote network connections, is now PingPlotter Cloud.

PingPlotter Cloud features many improvements since CloudConnect was introduced, including a new Dashboard, and Insights — a tool that collects and analyzes connection data, identifies when and where problems exist, and automatically makes recommendations on how to fix them.

Meet Cloud
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Why change CloudConnect?

We first built CloudConnect as a simple feature in response to your request to be able to monitor remote networks from within the PingPlotter Pro GUI. With that working, we continued to answer the demand for more and more capability.

We soon realized the limitations of a desktop-only application made it difficult for CloudConnect to really address the need it was being asked to serve. Switching to a browser-based app allows us to iterate and improve on the core experience much faster, as early adopters can attest!

We want to extend you one more invitation to join us in the PingPlotter Cloud, and experience it yourself. In the past year, we’ve added a convenient new dashboard for getting a high-level view of your connections; live, read-only data sharing for better conversations with customers and colleagues alike; automated Insights that can identify common issues and dramatically speed up your ticket resolution times; and improved on PingPlotter’s packet engine, allowing our customers to see latency variations by the sub-millisecond.

We’re confident from the feedback of former CloudConnect customers who have made the switch that you’ll like what you see, and appreciate the value we’ve put into the full product. Still not convinced? Current CloudConnect subscribers can get 10% off the regular price, to make it easier to get started.

We truly appreciate those of you who helped get us where we are today. Without you, PingPlotter Cloud wouldn’t nearly be as great as it is. So, thanks again for your help! We hope you will continue with us in our quest to make network troubleshooting suck less!


Distributed Monitoring

PingPlotter Cloud Trace many routes from many computers

Screenshot of PingPlotter Cloud Quality Monitor Dashboard

Best For
Monitoring and troubleshooting remote worker internet.

Contact center, legal IT, VoIP, financial services, insurance.

Web-based dashboard managed by us.

Monitor thousands of remotely-installed computers.

Share live results with anyone, network troubleshooting assistant, quickly deploy hundreds of data-collection agents.

A subscription based on active network tests (details).