CloudConnect Manual

Activating a CloudConnect Controller

Downloading and Installing PingPlotter

You will need to have PingPlotter downloaded and installed on the machine you intend to use for your Controller.

Follow the normal method for downloading and installing PingPlotter as a Background Service for your operating system.

Once installation is finished, launch PingPlotter. If installed correctly, you should see a green Connected to Service in the upper-right of the PingPlotter UI (on Windows).

Activating CloudConnect

Click the Get Started button on the Activate CloudConnect card in the Account tab. This will take you to the CloudConnect tab.

Next, click Create Controller. You will now have the option to create a Controller on your current machine or on a different device.

To create a Controller on your current machine, click This Machine to open PingPlotter and configure it as your first Controller. A dialog box will pop up — click Open PingPlotter. PingPlotter will then take you to the new CloudConnect tab on the Welcome screen.

If you'd like to set up a Controller on a different machine, click Another Machine. This will copy a magic link to your clipboard. Launching the URL from another machine’s web browser will open the same dialog box from earlier, prompting to Open PingPlotter — clicking that dialog should launch PingPlotter and configure that machine as a Controller.

Verifying a Controller is Connected

After configuring your Controller, navigate to the CloudConnect tab in PingPlotter's Options menu. Click the Test Connection button to verify you are successfully set up as a Controller.