CloudConnect Manual

CloudConnect Data and Service Information

CloudConnect Data Handling

CloudConnect Agents will collect data, store it locally, relay it to our cloud-based servers, and then discard it. The data then goes from our servers to your CloudConnect Controller — our servers discard the data once relayed. All data is held on the Controller for permanent storage until manipulated by an authorized user.

CloudConnect Cloud Hosting Information

Our servers are hosted with Microsoft Azure with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. Microsoft Azure's uptime can be verified at this site at any time, with our hosted servers being the “Web servers.”

Limitations on Traces, Agents, and Controllers

There is no hard limit on the number of traces you can run with PingPlotter CloudConnect from a technical standpoint. As long as you've purchased the traces and are utilizing hardware that meets the minimum CloudConnect system requirements, you can run as many traces as you'd like. We've tested with around 1,000 traces on a device meeting these requirements and had great results.

The number of Controllers you can run is limited to your PingPlotter licensing agreement. If you need more Controllers than you have licenses, you may purchase more licenses from your account page.

There is no limit to the number of Agents you can deploy. As long as the number of traces and Controllers are within the use policy, deploy as many Agents as you like!