CloudConnect Manual

The CloudConnect Portal

The CloudConnect portal is the primary method of managing CloudConnect. There are several tabs with important information for using CloudConnect.

Account Tab

When you first log in, you will be greeted with your Account Summary screen:

  1. User Menu - This menu will allow you to change your password, change your email address, or log out.
  2. CloudConnect Cards - This is where you will start getting CloudConnect configured. Click the notepad icon to enter an account name for personalizing and organizing your licenses and CloudConnect instances. Click Get Started to start configuring CloudConnect.
  3. License Cards - License cards show your existing PingPlotter licenses. In addition to the 16-digit license key, each card shows a license’s corresponding user name, when the license was purchased, and its maintenance status. Click the icon next to the key to copy it to the clipboard. Click Manage to bring up the Product Details page for your license key, which includes options for maintenance renewals and extensions, adding additional PingPlotter licenses, and pre-configured download links.
  4. Maintenance Status Card - The Maintenance Status card shows the status of your maintenance plan. You can also renew or extend maintenance from this card.
  5. Version Downloads - Download specific versions of PingPlotter for both macOS and Windows. The version numbers on the left list each major release (with most current being at the top). Click the three dots to show/hide minor releases and beta versions from view.
  6. Private and Public Downloads - Private downloads are PingPlotter installers you can download with your license key and maintenance information already embedded. You can use this for offline machines or for convenience. Public downloads are PingPlotter installers you can download with no license information attached — the same as what’s available on our primary Download page.

Products Tab

The Products tab will split up all your purchased products, allowing you to see everything you own in a clean, easy-to-read format. Click a product to bring up the Product Details page.

CloudConnect Tab

The CloudConnect tab contains everything you need to deploy Controllers, Agents, and remote traces. We'll go over how to get started in a later portion of the manual, but for now, here is what this page will look like once CloudConnect setup is complete.

  1. Info Card - This is a brief overview of your CloudConnect configuration. You’ll see a trace number with Plan listed underneath, which corresponds to the number of CloudConnect traces you've purchased. The Info card also contains two status bars. The bar on the left shows how many Agents you have active out of the total number of Agents deployed. The bar on the right shows how many traces you're running out of your total plan allotment.
  2. Controller Card - The Controllers card displays information about your CloudConnect Controllers. The number in the upper-right corner denotes how many Controllers you currently have deployed. Below this is a list of deployed Controllers, their status, and the number of traces running on the Controller’s corresponding Agents. Click the + to the left of a Controller to edit its name, view its total trace count, or delete the Controller. The New Controller button can be used to create new Controllers.
  3. Agents Card - The Agents card contains information about your CloudConnect Agents. The number in the upper-right corner denotes how many Agents you currently have deployed across all Controllers. Below this, you'll see a list of Agents with their activation status and the number of traces currently running. Click the + to the left of an Agent to edit its name, view its total trace count, or delete the Agent. The New Agent button can be used to create new Agents.
  4. Traces Card - The Traces card shows every trace currently running from the Agent highlighted on the Agents card. Any active trace can be stopped by clicking Stop. You can also manage traces via the Manage menu in the top right of the Traces card. Download Agent downloads another copy of the Agent installer. Copy Activation Link copies a magic link to the clipboard that will open PingPlotter on a device (if already installed) and configure it as an Agent. Deactivate this Agent removes the highlighted Agent from the Agent card (however, you will still need to uninstall the Agent from the remote machine).