CloudConnect Manual

Creating and Deploying New Agents

Creating a New Agent

In the CloudConnect tab, on the Agents card, click New Agent. Enter any name you'd like to use for your Agent. A recommended naming convention is “Device Name or User Name,” followed by a machine ID. Click Submit.

Deploying an Agent

On the Deploy Agent card, you have several options for deploying an Agent on a remote machine.

To download a version of PingPlotter with the Agent pre-calibrated (on devices without PingPlotter currently installed:

Click the blue Download button on the Deploy Agent card to download an Agent-specific build of PingPlotter. This will open a browser to a page titled, "Your PingPlotter Agent is Ready!"

From this page you can either click the I'm a Controller button, which will prompt you to copy a link and send it to your Agent machine, or you can click the I'm an Agent button and download a customized Agent for your operating system.


This Agent version of PingPlotter is only connected to its original Controller. It will not connect to other Controllers.

Once the file has downloaded, launch the installer and follow the prompts.

To deploy an Agent on a remote device with PingPlotter already installed using a magic link:

Click "this link" on the Deploy Agent card. A magic link will be copied to your clipboard. Before activating PingPlotter as an Agent, it is highly recommended you re-install the program as a Background Service.

On the remote device, paste the link URL into a web browser. The link will calibrate PingPlotter to function as an Agent.

Once an Agent has been deployed, it's important to test the connection to the cloud. From the Edit menu on the Agent, select Options → CloudConnect → Test Connection.