CloudConnect Manual

Starting Traces with CloudConnect

Starting a New CloudConnect Trace from the Target Bar

From the CloudConnect Controller, open a new trace window (Ctrl+N) or the All Targets summary window (Summaries → Open Existing → All Targets).

In the Target Bar, find the Agent dropdown and select your desired Agent.

Once your Agent is selected, enter an IP address or resolvable DNS name into the target entry field and hit Enter or click the green Start button. The trace should begin through the Agent.

Starting New CloudConnect Traces by Importing an .lst File

To do this, you will first need an .lst file to import. If you need help creating an .lst file, follow these instructions.

From the CloudConnect Controller, select an Agent from the Agent dropdown in the Target Bar. After selecting the Agent you wish to use, select File → Load Target List File.

Select the .lst file you wish to use. Provided you have enough trace eligibility for your .lst file, all of the targets will import and begin tracing. If you do not have sufficient traces available, PingPlotter will import as many targets as you have available, starting from the top of the list.

Starting CloudConnect Traces via Local Network Discovery

You may have an instance where you'd like to start a trace to one or more detectable local nodes on the same network, LAN, or subnet as an Agent. With Local Network Discovery, you can not only find all nodes local to the Agent's network, but you can begin tracing to all of them from a new summary screen.

From your Controller, launch Local Network Discovery via Tools → Local Network Discovery. PingPlotter will automatically start scanning your Controller’s local network, not the Agent's. You will need to stop this scan using the Stop Scan button.

Once Local Network Discovery is stopped, select the desired Agent from the Machine dropdown at the top right of the Local Network Discovery window. After the desired Agent is selected, hit Restart Scan immediately below the Agent dropdown.

From here, you have the option (on the bottom right of your screen) to export your results to a CSV, add selected devices to a summary window, add all devices listed to a summary window, or start a single trace to a selected device. By adding any or all devices to a summary, the selected traces will default to the remote Agent and start automatically.