PingPlotter Release Highlights

PingPlotter is constantly improving. With each release, we add new features, boost performance, and create a more stable, optimized tool.

Here, you'll find more information on PingPlotter's latest update as well as highlights from previous releases. You can also check out the full release notes for macOS and Windows for complete details, including any known issues.

Latest Release

PingPlotter 5.19.1 - February 18, 2021


  • Updated packet generator - PingPlotter’s packet generator has been updated to improve its accuracy for sub-millisecond latencies over long periods of extended testing.
  • Comments in the web UI - Just like in the platform, you can add comments to specific points in Timeline Graphs. You can also set alerts to automatically add comments under specific conditions.
  • Agent-based summaries in the web UI - PingPlotter Cloud Agents are now given unique target summaries, making it easier to manage traces on remote devices. In addition, you can now create LiveShare links for Agent summaries, allowing viewers to see the complete status of their network connection.


  • Changed the Save Image alert to use a 24-hour time in file name instead of a 12-hour time Improved CloudConnect Agent install process to be less confusing when deploying to remote devices
  • Special characters are now supported when naming an Agent through the web UI
  • (Web UI) Made CloudConnect Agent management easier to navigate
  • (Web UI) The target input history dropdown is now customizable and remembers previous entries
  • (Web UI) Timeline Graph scrolling is much more smooth and logical
  • (Web UI) Added an All LiveShare viewer page
  • (Web UI) Added settings for latency color scale
  • (Web UI) Updated control panel reactivity to work better on more screen sizes
  • (Web UI) Improved the Trace Graph dropdown menu
  • (Web UI) Improved resource usage and performance


  • Fixed bugs in the Modify Summary and Route Adjustment alerts that prevented editing and creation in some instances
  • (Web UI) Fixed scrollbars showing up unnecessarily on the login page
  • (Web UI) Fixed Timeline Graph sorting so you can, you know, sort Timeline Graphs

5.18.x - Updated September 4, 2020


  • PingPlotter’s new web UI - We’ve redesigned PingPlotter’s built-in web UI, building on the massive revision we introduced in 5.15. This includes alert and setting management, CloudConnect integration, and an improved design that’s more functional and easier on the eyes
  • Live Share - Share and manage unique weblinks that display current network conditions for specific targets or summaries, allowing you to show results to specific people without giving them access to anything they shouldn’t see well as 46+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.17.x - Updated June 12, 2020


  • Multi-user management - Set up accounts and permissions for multiple PingPlotter web interface users, limiting their edit access for traces, summaries, or other users
  • Live Share - Share and manage unique weblinks that display current network conditions for specific targets or summaries, allowing you to show results to specific people without giving them access to anything they shouldn’t see well as 20+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.15.x - Updated March 24, 2020


  • New Web Interface - Control PingPlotter from your favorite browser. Access PingPlotter locally or remotely, allowing you to monitor networks, test connections, and view results from practically anywhere.
  • Quick Trace Links - Use and share links that automatically start a trace to a specific endpoint, helping you solve your own issues quickly while also making it easier to troubleshoot problems for those who might not be the most net-savvy. well as 20+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.11.x - Updated September 10, 2019


  • Custom Notes Column - Add a helpful note to any hop in a route, whether it be for yourself, your team, or your ISP. Add or edit notes by right-clicking on a hop row, hovering over the target name, and clicking Edit Notes
  • Timeline Graph Dropdown - We've added a time frame dropdown selector to the Timeline Graph, helping you zoom in and out of your collected data faster and more intuitively.
  • Timeline Graph Resize Control - We've added better controls for resizing the Timeline Graph. well as 26+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.10.x - Updated May 9, 2019


  • Mean Opinion Score Column (for macOS) - Evaluate route and hop conditions on a 1-5 scale using calculated MOS values, the same as in the Windows version.
  • CloudConnect Agent Details (for macOS Agents) - The Pingman Account Portal now reports the current version and other client details for macOS Agents, just as it does for Windows Agents. well as 25+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.9.x - Updated March 22, 2019


  • New Alert Functions - We’ve added new actions and a new condition to PingPlotter’s alert system:
    • Export PP2 File - Automatically export a .PP2 data file of your current test data for a given target. You can set how much data you wish to export, making incident reporting and redundant data backup a simpler experience.
    • Save an Image - Save a screenshot of your Trace and/or Timeline Graphs for a specified interval. This alert action helps automate evidence collection and routine status reporting.
    • Add a Comment - Add a comment to the Timeline graph whenever an alert condition is met. Comments help keep you organized and communicate important details to anyone reviewing your data.
    • Alert on a Timer - Set an alert action to trigger at regular time intervals. This alert condition allows you to automate routine PingPlotter actions, such as nightly log generation, data backups, and status emails.
    • MOS Condition (Windows only) - Set an alert action to trigger when MOS score goes below a certain point. well as 12+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.8.x - Updated February 13, 2019


  • Flex Storage - PingPlotter now separates your session trace data by day or month allowing for increased performance and ease of data management. NOTE: Data collected in versions 5.8.1 and above is only accessible in those versions. Previous versions will be unable to access the data if you roll back.
  • Final Hop - A new option that allows users to mitigate resource usage and only collect full route data when it's interesting. This can be configured via Settings > Engine Options > Start traces as final hop only and also includes a manual toggle via right-click menu as well as a new Route Adjustment Alert action that allows you to automate Final Hop Only / Full Route toggling based upon pre-determined conditions.
  • CloudConnect Beta (beta not currently active) - Remote tracing has never been such a breeze! PingPlotter's CloudConnect feature allows users to deploy PingPlotter to additional machines as an agent and collect remote trace data as if they were on-site. This remote trace data is always being collected and can be stored in the cloud to be delivered at any time. well as 94+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.5.x - Updated October 11, 2018


  • NIC Selection - Directly control which network cards PingPlotter Pro uses for any trace. Compare multiple network connections in real time, test primary and secondary NICs in parallel, and monitor multi-NIC servers.
  • New Alerts - We’ve added new alert conditions to help troubleshoot route change-based issues and assist in automating actions:
    • Route Change - PingPlotter will trigger an alert whenever a route has added or removed hops to help identify if issues are related to specific route changes.
    • IP Address in Route - PingPlotter will trigger an alert whenever a specific IP address enters or exits a route. This helps with monitoring and troubleshooting problem hops.
    • Launch an EXE - PingPlotter will automatically launch an executable when a specific condition is met, allowing for automated responses or resolutions to specific issues.
  • MOS Column - Mean Opinion Score is a popular VOIP and networking connection quality metric, and now PingPlotter can calculate it for every hop in a route. MOS helps you identify at a glance the overall condition of a connection between you and a specific hop, easing network evaluation. well as 137+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.4.x - Updated March 10, 2017


  • Summary Screen Improvements - The Summary Screen now includes additional features, making it a better console for multi-target management and monitoring:
    • Auto-display Timeline Graphs for new targets - When you add a new target to your summary, PingPlotter will automatically open a Timeline Graph, allowing you to immediately see the results of your new trace.
    • Target management - The summary screen can now be used to manage your existing traces. You can now reset or resume any trace from the summary screen itself. You can also display a target’s Target Window by right-clicking on a target and selecting Show Target Window. In addition, each summary can now display the date and time of any existing focus periods for that trace.
  • 64-bit Support - PingPlotter now supports 64-bit OS architectures. 64-bit PingPlotter is a faster, more responsive version, and paves the way for more performance increases in the future. well as 47+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.3.x - Updated November 30, 2016


  • Local Network Discovery - PingPlotter can now identify every device connected on a local network — and we mean every. PingPlotter can find the IP address, MAC address, and hostname for every connected device. What’s more, Pingplotter can ping the device to help identify latency issues, letting you troubleshoot network-connected devices you would normally be unable to test.
  • Dynamic DNS Support - PingPlotter will now continue to trace a DNS correctly through dynamic changes. This lets you continue to test the desired connection even as the IP shifts to manage load. well as 13+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.

5.2.x - Updated October 27, 2016


  • Share Pages - PingPlotter can now create unique webpages with hosted Trace and Timeline Graph screenshots and downloadable .PP2 data. Share Pages make getting help much easier, as collected test data can now be shared via a simple URL.
  • Summary Import/Export - Target summaries can now be imported and exported, allowing for easier deployment on new devices and monitoring multiple targets across several PingPlotter instances. well as 47+ improvements and fixes for Windows.

5.1.x - Updated June 27, 2016


  • Continuous Data Collection - An original goal of PingPlotter 5 was to run forever without configuration. In the initial release of version 5.0, this was only possible in certain cases — when you went back to review large or distant trace histories, memory errors could occur. These types of issues have been solved in this release, with the goal of allowing PingPlotter to run continuously with hundreds of targets.
  • Jitter Graph - In addition to calculating jitter, PingPlotter now displays a graph charting jitter over time. The Jitter Graph sits right above the Timeline Graph and displays the level of latency fluctuation a given hop is experiencing. well as 69+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows. Nice.

5.0.x - Updated May 27, 2016


  • C# Codebase - PingPlotter 5.0 is built using C#. This allows for better compatibility as well as easier and more reliable updates. In addition, this allows for parallel development of PingPlotter on both macOS and Windows. It’s the sort of under-the-hood update that makes a huge difference in how PingPlotter grows and evolves in the future.
  • UI/UX Overhaul - PingPlotter isn’t just looking great — it’s now much friendlier to use. We’ve nixed redundant controls and data where it made sense, made time-based data consistent across the program (time periods are now only time-based, not occasionally sample-based), and added natural language-based commenting (so comments can be posted “in 3 hours,” and it will correctly post). We could keep going, but it’s probably easier to just check the full release notes for macOS and Windows.
  • Revamped Alert System - Alerts are now set up and modified within the context of a target. Time-based conditions are included alongside sample count-based conditions, and alerts are created and managed through a guided process. Click Alerts on the right of the Target Bar to get started.
  • Auto-Focus - The focus period can now be set to Auto, which sets the Trace Graph data to match the data shown in the Timeline Graph. As you scroll, zoom, or expand the Timeline Graph, the Trace Graph syncs up. It’s a more intuitive way of using PingPlotter to view collected data, and we’re confident you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • Auto-Save and Auto-Manage Data - PingPlotter now auto-saves trace data after five minutes by default. This means no more annoying “do you want to save” popups. However, you can change the auto-save settings to discard data on close, change when PingPlotter auto-saves, and more. well as 68+ improvements and fixes for macOS and Windows.