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PingPlotter visualizes your network status in real time, showing you the whole picture when your game, video streaming service, or favorite web app misbehaves. PingPlotter captures proof of your problem, so you can get real answers and real results.

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PingPlotter for End Users

Whether you’re a broadcaster, gamer, day trader, or small business, PingPlotter can help you get your connection working again.

Collect the right data

PingPlotter is more than just a speed test — it shows when and where your service runs into trouble. PingPlotter visualizes data like latency and packet loss in straightforward, dynamic graphs and charts, so you can prove why you keep experiencing disconnects, lag, or buffering.

If it pings, you can fix it.

Build a stronger case

PingPlotter makes getting results quick and easy. PingPlotter exports all types of logs, screenshots, and graphs you can send directly to your ISP or other service providers. When you need an extra hand understanding the data, PingPlotter can also create unique webpages you can post on forums or support sites for faster turnaround.

“Pics or it didn’t happen?” PingPlotter’s got you covered.

The power is in your hands

When a network problem’s on your end, PingPlotter saves you from all the guesswork. PingPlotter can collect as much data as you need, from minutes to months, without getting in the way of your game, stream, or service. You can spot an issue as it happens and know exactly where to focus your attention.

Like troubleshooting fish in a barrel.

Powerful features for when trouble strikes

Collect unlimited data.
Plot latency and packet loss for every hop between you and your target in real-time.

Supports ICMP, UDP, and TCP* packet types and IPv4 and IPv6 protocols(*Windows only).

Never miss a moment.
Set custom automated actions for latency/packet loss, route changes, and more.

Discover connected devices.
Local Network Discovery finds every connected device, from PCs to light bulbs.

Overshare? Hardly.
Export graphs, logs, screenshots, and complete trace data.

Always be tracing.
Smart resource management lets you test from startup to shutdown.

An edition that's right for you


Multi-network monitoring perfect for IT pros
(or pros at heart).

  • Test hundreds of networks simultaneously
  • Supports custom profiles for packet types, network cards, and more
  • Expanded features for managing the most complex networks
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Single network testing great for finding and resolving connection problems.

  • Test up to two networks simultaneously
  • Streamlined testing made for getting the best results to use and share
  • Straightforward features focused on finding network issues
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It doesn't matter if you're a networking newb or an IT ninja — it's possible to get stuck when you're dealing with this sort of thing. If you ever find yourself in that kind of situation, we're always happy to help. Please feel free to browse our library of troubleshooting wisdom.

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