PingPlotter Getting Started Guide

Downloading and Installing PingPlotter

  • Open the download page in your browser.
  • Click on Download button. If you have problems downloading via HTTP, you can alternately click on Download Ping Plotter via FTP.
  • When asked by your browser what you'd like to do, choose “save”
  • Click on the Windows Start button, then Run and click on the Browse button. You'll then want to navigate to where pngplt_std.exe was saved. Single-click pngplt_std.exe, then click the Open button and finally click the OK button.

The PingPlotter installation program then starts the wizard driven install that steps through the installation. We suggest leaving all the settings at their defaults.

At the end of the install, you'll be asked if you want to "run PingPlotter now". If for some reason you don't want to at that time, uncheck that checkbox. Otherwise congratulations, you now should have a PingPlotter group in with the rest of your installed applications (i.e.: Start menu, Programs group, Ping Plotter folder) and are ready to go.

If this procedure doesn't work for you for some reason (you get a weird error, etc.), please see our knowledge base article here. If you still encounter problems with the download, please send an email to describing the specific error you're getting, and/or any symptoms that you're seeing.