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CloudConnect integration

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PingPlotter’s web UI can be used in conjunction with CloudConnect to manage Agent deployment and remote tracing.


To enable CloudConnect functionality, you must have an active CloudConnect subscription. You can learn more about CloudConnect remote monitoring here.

Using the web UI’s Agent management

PingPlotter’s web UI can be used as an alternative to the CloudConnect portal for managing Agent deployment.

In the CloudConnect tab, you will find a list of every deployed Agent attached to your Controller. You can sort agents and see both the number of active traces and the number of deployed and pending Agents.

Clicking on an Agent will allow you to modify or delete the Agent, attempt to reconnect the Agent, or create a PingPlotter support ticket.

In addition, you can choose to deploy the Agent using one of two methods:

  • Installer — If you do not have PingPlotter installed on the Agent device, this link will take you to a webpage where you can download a customized installer. You can either download the installer and distribute it to the Agent device or share the URL and download the installer directly.
  • Auto Setup Link — If the Agent device already has PingPlotter installed, this link will configure it to function as an Agent. Simply navigate to the link URL on the Agent device, and PingPlotter will do the rest.

You can also create a new Agent from the CloudConnect tab by clicking on the Create Agent button at the top of the page. After naming the Agent, you will have the option to deploy the Agent using the options above.


Currently, CloudConnect Controllers can only be managed from the CloudConnect portal.

Managing CloudConnect trace sessions

Starting a trace on one of your CloudConnect Agents from within the web UI is identical to starting a trace from inside the application.

Inside the Target Bar is an Agent dropdown menu. Here, you will find all of your currently-deployed agents. In addition to the dropdown, you can click on the Agent field and search for the specific Agent you wish to use by name. Once you have your preferred Agent selected, you can start a trace as normal.

In the Sessions tab, you can sort your current traces by Agent name, allowing you to see which Agents are tracing which targets.

**The feature in this topic is exclusive to PingPlotter Pro. See our product comparison page for more details**