Version 2.03 released

Version 2.03 released

This version is *mostly* a bug fix version. It includes the following changes:

Bugs Fixed

Fixed case sensitivity on registration code bug.
Fixed occasional access violation when tracing
Fixed occasional lockup under Win95
Fixed so DNS name doesn't ever return your own computer's name when a hop times out.
Fixed so DNS lookups always happens - even if the first hop times out.
Fixed the alert system so it works correctly now. Alert system is much more reliable.
Fixed the alert system so more than one alert can be tied to any IP address
Fixed problem where saving a sample set would sometimes not work (when there was no DNS name).
Minor changes to registration code system.
Fixed "Sample Index too High" error when exporting to text file.

New Features

Export to text file now allows exporting with the samples in rows rather than columns (to overcome Excel's 255 column limit).