PingPlotter 2.50 released

PingPlotter 2.50 released

PingPlotter 2.50 is now available for both licensed users, and as an evaluation. Licensed users, as always, can update to this version at no cost.

To download version 2.50, visit the PingPlotter download page.

There are a few interesting features and changes in this release. One of the primary new features is the ability to do a traceroute using UDP, rather than ICMP. Some ISPs have started blocking (or limiting) ICMP packets, and UDP packets work in some of these situations.

Another interesting change in this release is an integration between MultiPing (version 1.01 and higher) and PingPlotter. From MultiPing, you can right-click on a target and send the data to PingPlotter for analysis, or you can open PingPlotter and start tracing right from MultiPing.

For a full list of changes, see the revision history.