Better Troubleshooting with PingPlotter v4

Better Troubleshooting with PingPlotter v4

Today is an exciting day at Pingman HQ! The release of PingPlotter v4 is finally upon us! Years of code writing, beta testing, and bug fixing have forged a dramatically enhanced version of PingPlotter. We are pleased to make this new version available to network troubleshooters across the globe.

Hundreds of tweaks, upgrades, and bug fixes went into the new PingPlotter, and the result is a better tool for network troubleshooters of all abilities. PingPlotter Professional adds multi-target management tools like custom groups, multi-select actions, searchable lists, and hidable tabs. Standard's capacity is doubled with support for two simultaneous targets, and Free edition includes a ten minute history graph for better insight into time related problems. All editions now support IPv6 pinging, and unicode characters are enabled in comments, names, and elsewhere.

Beyond new capabilities, v4 features a redesigned interface and a single download for all editions. PingPlotter's fresh look brings new icons and colors along with some control rearrangement to help get more done in fewer clicks. Serving all editions with a single download helps us to better manage our code, while making it easier for new users to evaluate the product. The change also empowers license owners to see the network as a Free user in case they need to do so.

New users can start their free 30 day trial on the download page. Current license owners are encouraged to download custom (license key embedded) builds from the account system. This is a free upgrade for license owners with active maintenance. Customers with expired maintenance can purchase upgrades in the account system. Check your email or in program update notice for information about special upgrade pricing. More information about the release is available on the announcement page.

We hope you enjoy. Thanks for using PingPlotter!