PingPlotter Pro's New Pricing

PingPlotter Pro has come a long way since it was introduced in 2005. We’ve added a ton of great features, enhanced the overall experience, and continued to build upon one of the most useful and unique network tools out there.

To help bring more value to you more frequently, we will be adjusting PingPlotter Pro’s pricing in February. You can see the new adjustments below:

Perpetual License

$349 One-time

  • Recommended for serious network troubleshooting
  • One payment gets current version forever
  • Includes maintenance for a year



  • Easiest way to stay up-to-date
  • Less startup cost for team deployments
  • Adjust license count every month as needed

This adjustment extends to our volume pricing, maintenance, and license upgrades:

Single (1) User$349$87.25$174.50
2 - 4 Computers$330$82.50$165.00
5 - 9 Computers$310$77.50$155.00
10 - 19 Computers$290$72.50$145.00
20 - 49 Computers$267$66.75$133.50
50 - 99 Computers$240$60.00$120.00
100+ Computers$210$52.50$105.00

While this change is happening soon, you can lock yourself into the current pricing for the year by purchasing an updated Pro license or renewing your existing maintenance. It’s the best way to experience the value this adjustment will bring at a price you’re already familiar with.

The adjustment is happening soon, so don’t hesitate to jump in before it’s too late.