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Collect real-time network diagnostics from any internet-connected computer. Visualize connection data from the user’s perspective to maximize uptime with minimal effort. Your first 14 days are free, no strings attached. Cancel anytime.

How does usage-based pricing benefit me?

Remote network monitoring

Traveling between offices and coaching users over the phone eats up a lot of time — especially when a remote desktop connection isn’t an option. PingPlotter Remote helps you efficiently collect diagnostics from any internet-connected computer so you can fix the right problem the first time.

Visualize every hop

Collect objective, relevant diagnostics over time without disruption. PingPlotter collects ping and traceroute data over time and visualizes it so you can quickly identify the source of connection trouble. View days, weeks, and months worth of diagnostics to better understand your network and improve your time to resolution.

See what your users see

Routing protocols are constantly evaluating the best path for data — it’s critical to know the active path your user’s data is taking so you can fix a specific issue. PingPlotter Remote gives you the tools to understand your network as your users experience it. Trace the actual route your client’s data takes and see the live status of every hop for hundreds of endpoints.

How does it work?

All it takes is deploying an agent to a client machine. Monitor a variable number of concurrent remote traces (plans start with 10 but can support for more) across any number of Agents.


Deploy unlimited Agents to internet-connected machines through a simple browser-based dashboard. There's no limit to how long your Agents can run.


Our custom-built web service delivers data between your Agents and PingPlotter in real time, ensuring the information you need is reliably available.


PingPlotter reads data from your Agents to show you what’s happening with a user’s connection without disrupting their workflow.

The tools to get the job done right

PingPlotter Remote combines CloudConnect remote monitoring with the time-tested tools of PingPlotter Professional into one package.

Get automatic notifications for route changes, latency and packet loss, jitter, and more.

Local Network Discovery
Make testing and monitoring devices a breeze by scanning for every device connected to your network.

Advanced Metrics
Monitor VoIP and streaming service quality with real-time jitter graphing and MOS logging.

Summary Screens
Compare data across multiple targets at once with custom summaries so you can identify larger patterns across your whole network.

Web Interface
View traces collaboratively. Solve problems without crowding everyone behind a single desk. Available only on Windows.

Performance History
Collect and graph network performance data over time. Store and review weeks or months worth of data so you get the whole story, not just a snapshot.

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Plans starting at

$44 monthly

Subscriptions bundle PingPlotter Professional together with CloudConnect — everything you need to monitor local and remote connections. Modify your plan as you need it. Your first 14 days are free, no strings attached. Cancel anytime.

How does usage-based pricing benefit me?