Get Insight Into Your Network

PingPlotter makes troubleshooting easier, but not everyone has time to play detective. When you need a fix fast, PingPlotter Reader is there to do the dirty work. Reader is a pilot network evaluation service that does the heavy network troubleshooting when you’ve got more important things to do.

Our experts learn about your network, test connections, and interpret the data to get you the best, most accurate diagnosis. And everything is done remotely, so you won’t need to worry about somebody rummaging around behind your desk.

Understand Your Network in Four Simple Steps

Complete a Short Questionnaire

We send you a short questionnaire to get some context for your issue.

Install a PingPlotter Remote Agent

Get a special build of PingPlotter that lets us check out your network.

Work With a Real Technician

Our specialists work directly with you to understand your problem.

Receive a Detailed Reader Report

We give you a rundown of our findings and what to do next.

How does Reader work?

Reader uses PingPlotter’s remote testing features to give our IT experts a direct look at what’s impacting your network. We test and analyze your network’s performance to find the most probable causes of your network trouble. Then, when we’re confident we’ve got the issue pegged, we generate a detailed report with everything you’ll need to know to get your network back in working order.

What are the Advantages of Using Reader?



We combine our years of networking knowledge with your PingPlotter data to cut through the confusion.



Reader Reports are purpose-built to show what your network is doing and how the data proves it.



Our thorough analysis and detailed reports give you the evidence you need to understand what's happening with your network.



We let your data tell the story. That means no finger-pointing, no guessing, and no excuses.


Human Contact

You'll work with a living, breathing, humanoid specialist to determine what's up with your network.


Peace of Mind

Stay focused on your own day to day tasks while we focus on your network issues.

What's in a Reader Report?

  • A summary of our findings.
  • An explanation of how those finding affect you.
  • Recommendations on what to do next.
  • A technical rundown on the issue.
  • Helpful links and context.

Stop Scratching Your Head

Whether you’re a business that relies on a stable connection to serve customers, a broadcaster who needs to focus on your stream instead of your latency, or even if you're just sick of bouncing from helpdesk to helpdesk, Reader is ready to help. Get answers from real experts — let Reader do the work.