Local Network Troubleshooting with PingPlotter

See the network, share the solution.

Find and share proof of network problems with PingPlotter.

See Solutions

See connections in real-time.

PingPlotter tests and monitors the connections between you and your ISP, giving you insight into their live status. Latency, packet loss, and connection jitter are graphed over time for each hop in the route between the device and any destination you set. You can zoom out to find incidents over days or weeks, or zoom in to get a second-by-second look at a single issue.

Diagnostics simplified.

PingPlotter graphs critical metrics in a way anyone can understand. See how PingPlotter Makes IT a Breeze. 

Identify issues the moment they happen.

Network issues can appear at any moment, which is why PingPlotter’s robust alert system helps you take action the moment trouble appears. When high latency, instability, or complete outages impacts your network, PingPlotter can send out reports via email, execute REST calls, or even launch pre-set applications to help you take action at a moment’s notice.

Pingplotter is great. [We] use it to prove ISP issues over network issues in our end for our work at home users.

Daniel Ratliff
Lead Systems Engineer at Humana

Share results with anyone.

Sharing network diagnostics is important for getting the right information to the right people. With PingPlotter, you can create shareable results pages that show support techs everything you’re seeing on your end. Each page also hosts a copy of your PingPlotter test data, so others can explore your findings and help you fix things faster.

New to troubleshooting?.

Our Getting Started Guide has everything you need to go from network novice to PingPlotter pro. Check it out! 

Features that help you take action.

Foundational metrics

Track latency, packet loss, jitter, and more from Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Instant results

Poll networks faster than traditional RMMs, giving you down-to-the-second results.

Share live data

Share live test results via a simple URL. Show live proof and talk through issues.

Deploy everywhere

There's no hard limit on the agents you deploy, so you can cover everything you monitor.

Privacy is a priority

Cloud only tests the network connection — no snooping on user data or network traffic.

Sensible pricing

There aren’t add-on fees for extra users and there’s no data cap. Just pick a plan and go.

Local Network Monitoring

For Workstations

The best tool on your belt. Visualize performance data across hundreds of connections with tools built for troubleshooting even the most complex networks.

Key features:

Local monitoring

Unlimited targets

Device discovery

Great for:

  • Field technicians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small IT Teams
  • Intrepid DIYers

Perpetual licenses include a free year of maintenance. Learn more here.

Single Device Monitoring

For End-Users

Find the source of your issue. Troubleshoot home connections and capture proof of network issues to share with ISPs and IT support.

Key features:

Local Troubleshooting

Monitor two targets

Share real evidence

Great for:

  • Field technicians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small IT teams
  • Gamers

Perpetual licenses include a free year of maintenance. Learn more here.

Assisted Troubleshooting

For End-Users

Kickstart Your Troubleshooting. Sidekick automatically tests the critical components of your network and guides you through fixing the problem — all from your web browser.

Key features:

Automated setup

Guided troubleshooting

Share proof quickly

Great for:

  • One-off problems
  • Casual gamers
  • Knowledge workers
  • Non-techies

Sidekick collects data for 28 days with opt-in renewal. Learn more here.