Interpreting Results

Step 5: Solve the Problem

Let’s show this network problem what you’ve got!

How you go about solving the issue will depend on if it’s inside your control:

I’ve got my local issue pegged — what’s next?

Think you know what’s causing your network problem? That’s great! Just like in Step 4, you can use the wealth of PingPlotter’s knowledge to start fixing things.


Step 4: Interpreting the Results

Buckle up! It’s time to figure out what’s causing your network issues.

But first, a refresher.

PingPlotter charts two major indicators of network performance: latency and packet loss. Latency measures how long it takes data to get somewhere, while packet loss shows when data fails to reach its destination. By seeing where and when these two factors appear, you can narrow the list of probable causes and isolate the problem.