Customer Testimonials

I love PingPlotter. I was repeatedly calling my ISP regarding drop outs, lost packets etc etc. It was very frustrating troubleshooting and isolating the source of the problem. The ISP techs visited my home several times but the problem kept intermittently happening over and over again.

Then I tried your program and could immediately see the problems and get them fixed. Previously I didn't have the visibility to see where the problem was and could only use "shotgun" troubleshooting techniques of replacing everything one item at a time. The ability to run a graph catches the problems when they occur and tell me exactly where to look.

Now I run PingPlotter in the background 24/7 to monitor my ISP service and have a documented record if/when any issues occur in the future. This is exactly what I needed to present to the technicians when calling about issues.

- James T.

Seriously, PingPlotter kicks total $*#! I have been getting grief from RR (I subscribe to the business class service) and the packet loss has been really bad. They love to just blow their customers off and tell them "reboot their modem" or other such nonsense because their customers don't have an easy way to document the problem. Well imagine their surprise when I was able to EXACTLY document the packet loss on their system!! This is SO KICK@#$!!! You NEED to go over to one of those broadband messageboard places like and spread the word. Broadband providers WILL FEAR YOU for helping their customers make graphs of their poor service. I am TOTALLY buying this software and several licenses for my friends.

Once again, T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

- Tim K.

Please share my sincerest gratitude to anyone that had a hand in developing and maintaining this awesome program. I've become a bit of a PingPlotter junkie and I'm kinda proud of that. When I win this latency, jitter, and data spike war and they award with me with a packet loss trophy you better believe that all credit will be given to the pros that made PingPlotter Pro.

- Jamie T.

Fantastic tool! Saved my bacon in September. We run a multimedia Live broadcast studio in London and streaming went bad on important Live events. We managed to track it down to a router between the studio and our data centre. Colt Telecom tried to wriggle out of the issue but PingPlotter graphs proved the point!

Keep up the good work!

- Bill M.

PingPlotter Standard must rate up there with Sliced Bread & LCD screens; this program is a toolbox MUST!

PingPlotter pin pointed (graphed) the source of a frustrating Internet Connectivity issue that has dogged our VPNs & Remote Accesses for four months.

But wait there is more.

PingPlotter at the same time remotely documented (graphed) major delays our Email Scrubbing service provider were having with their ISP, which was slowing and stopping our email.

- Adrian

My ISP (the largest private ISP in the world) had an issue in their core router which developed last Friday. My PingPlotter running in my cabinet noticed it immediately, I turned on ping to all hops, and started collecting data, it became apparent the problem was within their core router, I submitted help desk tickets but they didn't really believe me, until I got to level two and showed then the graphs and text logs. Then within 20 minutes they implemented a temp fix which helped the problem by 80%, and overnight ran a permanent fix than made the issue go away. The issue was intermittent so they were insistent nothing was wrong, but after looking at PingPlotter's logs and graphs, they realized "We got a problem here". Thanks!

- Mike B

I first used the free PingPlotter years ago and upgraded in 2003. Now with the Pro version that I've been using for the trial period, it is one of the most versatile things I use on a daily basis. Very useful and, at this point, just about indispensable to my business.

I wish you continued success and hope you will be around for a long time!

- Melody

Love your product. Greatest help is timelines, because my DSL psychosis happens over time periods, which means I can tell any tech that it's not my modem! :-)

- Sam C.

Boy... I just wish I had a job in which I was able/required to use PingPlotter Pro! I love your program! Of all the software I've used & tested over nearly 20 years (large & small), PingPlotter is by far the easiest, fun and most USEFUL piece of software I've used. You've done a fantastic job!

- Bill

I have never seen an application with so few flaws. You guys should be proud.

By the way I have used PingPlotter to force sbc to replace central hardware. until I showed them evidence from PingPlotter they denied that there was a problem. After they saw the PingPlotter Graph they were speechless. I now run PingPlotter 24/7.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

- James G

We purchased PingPlotter awhile back and I have to say it just makes life easier. No more are we throwing the monitors and keyboards out the window after trying to debug network problems to and from our customer's locations.

You've cured my nightmares. For Halloween I should have a small tape recorder looping this. (Any geek would be afraid more than some flimsy plastic mask)

"Now, click start, run and type cmd and press enter. Type 't' as in tom, 'racer'. 't' as in tom. Now press the space bar, and type these numbers in.. Read me what you see."

Now, a suggestion that could make you a lot of money. If you could write a utility to help the Buffalo Bills find the route problem to their endzone that would be great.

- Ron B.

I just want to say thank you for PingPlotter. I am a programmer, but not network person. We have been having an ongoing issue with our cable provider about our internet service. I could tell by running a constant ping command that our connection would go away, but had no specifics on why. The response we always get is your cable modem is bad, your network is too complex, etc., etc. etc. The issue is always pushed back onto us. With your product I was able to show them that the issue their their local, to our area, routers. It seems to have helped. They did something and now our service, according to PingPlotter, is much more reliable.

- Doug

Thank you for a wonderful program. I play Aces High II -and I have given several referrals to teammates who get disco'd often. Before PingPlotter, I was always getting disco'd during gaming. It usually happened when I had spent 30-50 hard earned points on a perky Fighter or Tank. When you get disco'd you lose the points, the plane and whoever is within 6K get the credit for killing you. Clear wire support were useless, playing the smoke & mirrors routine having me do a speed test over & over again with no improvement. Now when I get bumped, I send them a nasty e-mail with plotter trace files. That shut's them up. Recently, they oversold the their bandwidth in my area, everyone was crashing. They were threatened with class action so they poured money into beefing up the bandwidth. I have not been bumped more than once a month since. My gaming frame rate is almost always 59-60Hz. Aces High might entertain advertising you on their site because you will help people play their game better. Thanks again. Anything I can do to help, let me know.

- Rick

I just wanted to let you know I downloaded PingPlotter and was able to diagnose a sticky problem we were having with our cable modem setup and get the problem fixed.

Although I have no more immediate use for PingPlotter, I went ahead and purchased a license anyway because I appreciate a great product and want to support small publishers like yourself who put out a great product like this (especially a company like yourself who puts out a free version for people that can't afford the expense of the full product--I like that). I feel I've already gotten my money's worth out of it, and I'm sure I will get more use out of it in the future.

- Chris C.

Great software! It was one of my firsts requests once settled in at my new position. I can't tell you how many problems have been (and will continue to be) solved with the aid of PingPlotter!

- Nick

Hi, I'm a novice to PingPlotter but after a few days I'm really getting into the program, and it's truly amazing. There is NO ISP in the world that can get away from, for them, facts they dont want to admit with PingPlotter. I must also praise the support you have, its second to none, swift, precise, friendly and truly helpful. Thank you, Pete and everyone else at the company!

- Richard

The other day I went to the head office of a three-node enterprise/wan voip application ... where there were noticeable voip quality issues such as dropouts to both parties. After both the ISP and router config staff had fixed and checked 3 things, the quality issues remained. At this point, both parties felt that they had done all they could do.

As I was unsatisfied with the outcome, I went to .H.O.. with my laptop and PingPlotter. I quickly discovered a very consistent (every minute or so) spike in delay starting at the remote router that was up to 229ms and more. In 15 minutes of testing I was able to convince 5 people that the problem lay with the network and/or bonding issues and NOT with the voip equipment we provided.

- Dave

I have been using PingPlotter since 2 years, 24hours /24 & 365 days a year now and it helped me in detecting a lot of problems down there, especially those problems you can't see with SNMP precisely because you have no answer :)

As a matter of fact it's the only tool I am using to monitor our network here, and I have learned alot with it.

- Christian

Wanted to take this moment to let you know how much I enjoy your programs (PingPlotter and MultiPing). Both of these program have saved me so much time troubleshooting our network that I thought I could use some of that time saved and write to you. Please keep up the good work.

- Marcos C.

I love the program ... it drives our network guys absolutely insane when I call to let them know one of their servers have gone south. They constantly complain to higher management that I'm overstepping my responsibilities. I suspect part of the animosity comes from the fact that I notify them of issues before they notice the problem on their network monitoring software. Software, which I can assure you, was expensive beyond belief.

I'm a help desk co-coordinator...with emphasis on the "HELP" so I figure it is well within my charter to inform the network guys when systems go down. Maybe I shouldn't share ALL the data I accumulate with the screen shots of PingPlotter with 5 minutes of solid red 100% packet loss....exact times of occurrence...exact paths and measurements of response for each component affected...all sent via e-mail to system administrator (and copied to his manager). However, it does get extremely fast results. Calling them with the same info seemingly has NO affect at all.

Strange....not one manager has ever asked me to discontinue this service. I wonder...why is that?

- Gerald F.

I have used your PingPlotter software for years. My job is shortly going to require that I monitor/graph multiple sites at once, so this morning I accessed your website to request that you modify your PingPlotter software for that purpose. Imagine my surprise when I found that you had done just that, and only a month ago!

Epitomization of fortuitous chronology! (perfect timing)

I especially like the ability to float a graph, allows me to continue other work while maintaining a close eye on a troublesome machine.

- Allan W

PingPlotter is one of my favorite tools and is worth every penny. It has saved my butt several times proving to management that certain connectivity problems were outside of my control. It makes things so simple to understand that even an executive can understand Internet routing problems.

It happened on several occasions when I was a network administrator for the Hallmark Channel - the cable TV station. We would have the occasional connectivity problem and my boss would try to explain to upper management that there was nothing we could do about it when it was a problem with some backbone company's router or some such issue. One time after trying unsuccessfully to explain the technicalities, he dragged a couple of executives over to my cube and told me to show them the problem on "that ping program you use." I ran PingPlotter for them and pointed out the problem and even the name and location of the router. They instantly understood and we were off the hook.

After that it was like a scene out of Dilbert. Whenever there was a connectivity problem I would have some executive show up at my cube, totally bypassing my boss. They would usually say something to the effect of "run that program thing that shows why my web is slow." I would dutifully run PingPlotter. If it was something within our control they would go complain to my boss. If it was outside of our control they would thank me and walk away. I tried to get them to buy licenses for everyone in the IT department, but they were quite content with coming to my cube and having me use my personal copy. 

It got to the point where my boss would yell three words from his office -"Skip, run it!" I knew that meant he noticed a problem and I should run PingPlotter and find the problem before anyone had a chance to get to, or even call, the IT department!

It was well worth the $15.00 (at the time) for the entertainment value alone, not to mention the actual usefulness in troubleshooting problems!

All true...

- Skip S

Perhaps you'd like to know who uses PingPlotter, and how?

I am a networking technician and I use the new license on my notebbok at CPE sites for purposes of analysis along with Sniffer Pro and a latecy calculator.

When I am giving classes (what I occasionally do) I use it as a nice graphing tool for the juveniles.

The first license I bought is for troubleshooting purposes in our production network which comprises of various VPN and DUN Links all over Germany.

- Daniel

Many ping software adverts mention 'graphical' interpretation, but in most cases it is either a red/green tray icon or a graph of the last 10 minutes or so only.

I administer quite a network on a cruise ship and we link to the rest of the world over 2 MB satellite. This brings a problem of latency, ship's movement and satellite tracking quality. PingPlotter lets me review last minutes or hours in no time, draw conclusions and prevent link loss

As I said, perfect for me and I'm sure for many more concerned about host connection.

- Tom

I am a project manager installing a TeleRadiology project in the State of Alaska connecting remote Native American/Native Alaskan medical clinics to the Alaska Area Native Medical Center here in ANC.  We are bouncing xray, ultrasound,  & CT images off of satellites, 56K Frame Relay, terrestrial dial-up PPP, 2.4 GHz wireless (line of sight).  There is a very poor telecom infrastructure here.  We have the big expensive lan analyzer and other tools, but yours is perfect for my desk. 

Thank you!

- anonymous

Great application, quite refreshing and I am telling you this after I thought that there is nothing to renew in Ping/TracerRoute applications. 
Keep updating it.. 

- Bernardo

Great product your PingPlotter is. Thank you very much for making it available. I've already used it to prove to my ISP some faulty things that are happening. No suggestions. It's simple, small, easy and with all the info that's supposed to be there.


Wow thats a very very good proggy! I've never seen a better tracer. Keep on building those great programs. In detail: very good looking window structure, very fast. Keep on going!!!!!! 

- Carsten

I found your little gem on Tucows a few months back.  I love it.  I work for an ISP and am diagnosing connection/routing problems all day long. 
After switching from the native Windows tracert to PingPlotter, the speed in which I can diagnose a routing problem has increased considerably. 

Thanks again for a quality freeware program.  You don't see that very often.

- Kevin

PingPlotter - *what* a little GEM!! That would have to be one of the most useful little devices I've seen for a while.

Congratualtions, and *thank you* for making it available.

What more can I say?

- Joseph

I've found PingPlotter to be very useful in diagnosing bottlenecks in large IP structures within corporations.

Thanks for a great tool - the colours are very useful even on a monochrome printer!

- James

Thanks for a great utility - my ISP told me about it the other day, I got it through and have been playing with it ever since.  I have just finished an email to my desktop support people instructing them how to install and use it, so now, instead of calling me when an end user complains about slowness or no access, they can check it out themselves.

- Michael

HMOs should reimburse for prescribing PingPlotter to Internet-intense patients as a prophylactic against ulcers!

- A Happy PingPlotter User

I have a story like to share with you, this is about how your PingPlotter helps out in getting TimeWarner to fix the ingress problem in the cable line which affected many cable modem users here for 9 months. PingPlotter becomes the key in this case, and without being able to show them a PingPlotter graph, they would have denied anything wrong in the line, because they couldn't use their equipment to see the packet loss problem in the first place.

I have been posting a lot on also, and telling people who live around to use PingPlotter to gather data on a daily basis. I even showed TW people how to use your PingPlotter to detect packet loss. I hope they all ended up paying to buy a copy of your PingPlotter. I have taken down my post on already due to TW request. Otherwise, I'd like to show you the type of effort in getting TW attention with the help from your PingPlotter. There were more than 130 posts in my thread. Many other users around the country also replied to my thread with their own PingPlotter graphs, showing how severe their packet loss situations were

Once again, I like to say your PingPlotter ROCKS. Hope my line will get fixed soon.

- Alan

We are a client and avid user for your [PingPlotter] Pro for our VoIP and IPTV services..

You have the best product on the market. Good job.

- William L.