Using PingPlotter

Peer into your network with PingPlotter Insights

The future of network performance analysis is clearer than ever. Let us introduce you to PingPlotter Insights!

In our minds, the dream version of PingPlotter has always been a tool that can tell you exactly what your network problem is and guide anyone, be they an end-user or a service provider, through how to fix it.

Today, that dream is taking shape in a new tool, and we call it PingPlotter Insights.

Insights is an automated analysis tool that looks at your PingPlotter trace results and identifies where (and in some cases, what) problems are impacting a device’s connection.

With Insights, you and your team can scrub through days worth of data in an instant to find incidents and diagnose issues. In addition, Insights analyzes the data itself to help support take the right action and avoid false positives.

It really can’t be understated just how much of an impact Insights makes in troubleshooting network issues, so let's go a bit deeper into how it works, what it can do for you, and where it fits in the grander vision of PingPlotter’s future.

Using PingPlotter Insights

Getting started with PingPlotter Insights is as easy as can be.

Currently, Insights is available to all active PingPlotter Cloud users. There’s no sign-up or setting required to access the feature — Insights is already enabled for everyone.

To begin, simply open the Target View for a trace (this includes paused traces and older sessions). In the upper-right corner, you will now find a button to launch Insights.

The PingPlotter Cloud interface with a highlighted Insights button

Insights will analyze the collected data for the current trace to determine how suitable the signal was for several services. It will also identify when and where PingPlotter recorded potential issues.

Insights will then display the results in the sidebar menu. Signal Quality is categorized as Good, Fair, or Poor and shown as a percentage of the selected time range. Select Show All Quality and click on a service to change the Quality bar below the timeline graph. Insights will highlight any network events on the Timeline Graph with a purple focus indicator. Click on one of the Top 3 Suspects to inspect the incident.

Insights will automatically detect incidents.


Insights will provide as much information as it can to help interpret the incident. It will highlight the offending hop (or hops) and share details on possible causes. Insights will also open a small info card with other relevant information, such as timestamps and network performance metrics, for the selected incident.

Once you’ve finished your analysis, you can click the Insights button again to return to the normal Target View.

Gaining insight into your network

As you might imagine, Insights is amazing for both IT aces and networking novices.

For the less knowledgeable, Insights points out where to look (and where not to look) when troubleshooting. We do our best to help people understand the red herrings in their PingPlotter data, but Insights finally takes the guesswork out of which results are relevant to an issue.

For pros, Insights makes data analysis a ton faster. Just hit the button, and *poof*! Every incident, every anomaly, is isolated for you to evaluate. Insights is a massive time-saver for IT teams using Cloud to actively monitor endpoints. Instead of scrolling through hours or days of data looking for evidence, Insights takes you right to it.

Regardless of your experience level, Insights represents a fundamental shift in how you interact with your collected PingPlotter data. While features like alerts and LiveShare provide ways to take action with your data, Insights transforms troubleshooting with PingPlotter from a passive experience to an active one.

And it’s just the beginning...


PingPlotter Insights has been a dream of ours for almost as long as PingPlotter has existed, and its current form is just the start of what we envision for the future.

The full potential of PingPlotter Insights exists in further automating diagnoses and guiding action. Everyone dreams of having an ‘easy button’ for fixing their network, and we think Insights can be that.

This extends beyond our professional-focused tools. While Insights currently lives in PingPlotter Cloud, we think it should be a central component of every solution we offer. As Insights becomes more accurate and we become more confident in its analysis, we can begin folding it into PingPlotter editions made for DIYers and, ultimately, anyone who finds themselves with a misbehaving connection (which is pretty much everyone).

However, no matter how good our automated analysis becomes, there is still a bigger challenge in making network issues as painless as possible: the relationship, or rather, the tension between end-users and service providers.

Mending the rift between users and support takes more than good data — it takes collaboration. The perfect version of Insights will be incredible for fixing issues when they’re on your side, but there is still a need for spaces where both sides can meet, share data, and work together to find a solution.

These ideas may sound a bit idealistic, but we are closer than ever to creating the solution we’ve always dreamed of. It started with Cloud, and now we have Insights. What comes next is...well, you’ll have to wait and see.

For now, the best way to experience everything new with PingPlotter is to see it in action. If you’re a current Cloud user, Insights is live. Simply log into Cloud — it’s ready and waiting.

If you’re curious to see how Cloud can make a difference for you and your team, schedule a time to chat with us! We’re all ears when it comes to understanding your network-related frustrations and helping you find a solution that works.