Visual Proof of Network Problems

PingPlotter is a graphical ping tool. Here it is on a laptop.

Proving the cause of connection issues is easier when everyone can see what's going on.

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PPingPlotter is a graphical ping tool. Here it is on a laptop.


Get equipped with PingPlotter for Windows, Mac, or iOS.


Test your network and watch how performance changes over time.


Find the source of network problems and easily share the evidence.

Network Supervision

PingPlotter visualizes network performance so you can spend less time diagnosing problems and more time thwarting their evil.

Show Network Bottlenecks

Compare latency and packet loss for every device between your computer and a target website.

PingPlotter's trace graph compares all hops in a route.

Capture Intermittent Issues

Track performance over time and explore the results.

PingPlotter time graph shows performance for a hop over time

Build a Better Case

Some people have to see it to believe it.

Text based network performance information

Graphical network performance information

Text based troubleshooting tools tell you high latency or packet loss occurred at some point during a test. PingPotter shows exactly when and where the network misbehaved.

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Need help solving a network problem?

Buffering stream

Lagging game

Interrupted chat

Internet is down

Your Device's Point of View

See the network from your device's unique perspective on a growing list of platforms.

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Flexible Licensing

Several free & premium options available for business & personal use.

Great product... It's simple, small, easy and with all the info that's supposed to be there.End Quote - NM

PingPlotter News

Apr 21, 2016 - PingPlotter 5 Officially Released

Making network troubleshooting suck less. That's why PingPlotter exists. The tool has been making that happen since it started graphing pings in the late 90's. It's come a long way, but there's always room for improvement. Some users were having trouble managing alerts. Others needed easier long-term monitoring or a Windows Service that was less of a hassle. Today we're proudly announcing a new version that addresses these issues and more.

PingPlotter 5 is completely reengineered for a better experience. It includes a friendlier alert system and a Windows Service that just works. Setting up long-term monitoring is a thing of the past too. In Version 5, all it takes to trace indefinitely is a click of a button. You'll also find more precise (sub-millisecond) latency measurements and an interface that's easier on the eyes. As usual, there's more. All the details are on the announcement page, and if you're interested in an inside perspective on the project, a letter from Pingman Tools' founder is available in the release notes.

A PingPlotter that does more work for you is an exciting step toward better network troubleshooting. We're grateful for all the support so far. Thanks for riding along!

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Mar 31, 2016 - PingPlotter Beta Open to All

An updated PingPlotter beta just hit the web! This one is open to anyone interested in pinging harder.

Beta 2 supports trial, free, and licensed modes. It's loaded with improvements related to data management, user experience, and more. We're incredibly interested in hearing your thoughts on the next version. Please check it out, and let us know what you think.

Information about how to get started is available on the beta page.

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Mar 25, 2016 - PingPlotter Beta Testing

PingPlotter's next version targets big opportunities. Architectural stuff that resolves long standing issues **cough** Running in Session 0 and lays foundation for making network troubleshooting suck even less. It's no small undertaking, but the results are exceptional core functionality improvements. Version 5 is designed to ask less from you, to do more for you, and to let you be more specific about its operation. Oh and don't worry. You'll find some new features in there too.

A sneak peak is available free to PingPlotter license owners with active maintenance. If that isn't you, new licenses come with a year of free maintenance. Maintenance for existing licenses can also be renewed from your account.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the beta. Outside perspective helps build a better PingPlotter, and we are grateful to hear your input. If you're interested in participating, check out the beta page for more information about downloading and what to expect in the release.

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Important Stuff

PingPlotter 5 Now Available

See what's new in PingPlotter's latest Windows release.

Getting Started Guide

Step by step instructions and an overview of PingPlotter's capabilities.

Common Network Problems

Learn how to identify and approach frequently experienced networking issues.

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Guide

A walkthrough that covers how to collect the data you need, pinpoint your problem, and find a solution.

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