Network troubleshooting sucks. PingPlotter makes it suck less.

Three editions of PingPlotter are available because network problems come in all shapes and sizes. Between Free, Standard, and Pro you should find a tool set that fits the problem you're tackling.


PingPlotter keeps more history, handles more targets, and adds features as you move from Free to Professional.

PingPlotter Free

Capture problems as they happen and share the evidence.

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Inspect a specific problem over long periods of time.

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Constantly monitor every interesting point on the network.

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Computer networks are essential to just about everyone these days. Unfortunately, that means connection problems can mess up your day wherever you are. Here are some ideas about how PingPlotter helps solve network problems at home and work.

At Home

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Find out why network problems are happening and share the information with people who can help.

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At Work

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Minimize downtime, improve communication, and see the network from customer's perspective.

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