Remote Network Monitoring

For IT Teams, Providers, and Support

Monitor. Validate. Troubleshoot. Support. PingPlotter Cloud records performance data from your end-user's point of view without expensive hardware or deployment limits.

Key features:

Deploy in minutes

Share live data

Automated insights

Guided onboarding

2-factor security

30-day guarantee

Great for:

  • Legal IT
  • Managed service providers
  • Contact centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Broadcasters & streamers
  • Internet service providers

Interested in custom or enterprise deployments? Talk to our Sales Team.

What used to take 45 minutes and 3 people now takes 5 minutes and a single tech.

Benjamin Brown
Systems Engineer at Climatec, LLC

Local Network Monitoring

For IT Professionals

The best tool on your belt. Visualize performance data across hundreds of connections with tools built for troubleshooting even the most complex networks.

Key features:

Local monitoring

Unlimited targets

Device discovery

Great for:

  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • IT Admins
  • Developers

Perpetual licenses include a free year of maintenance. Learn more here.

Home Device Monitoring

For End-Users

Find the source of your issue. Troubleshoot home connections and capture proof of network issues to share with ISPs and IT support.

Key features:

Local Troubleshooting

Monitor two targets

Share real evidence

Great for:

  • Streamers
  • Home automaters
  • Networking DIYers
  • Gamers

Perpetual licenses include a free year of maintenance. Learn more here.

Assisted Troubleshooting

For End-Users

Kickstart Your Troubleshooting. Sidekick automatically tests the critical components of your network and guides you through fixing the problem — all from your web browser.

Key features:

Automated setup

Guided troubleshooting

Share proof quickly

Great for:

  • Network novices
  • Confused guildmates
  • Frustrated friends
  • Technically-disinclined

Sidekick collects data for 28 days with opt-in renewal. Learn more here.

Compare Features

Core FeaturesSidekickStandard EditionPro EditionCloud
Simultaneous targets
Timeline Graphs
Alert Conditions
Device Discovery
ICMP, UDP, TCP packets 

(ICMP and UDP)

Jitter and MOS
Web Interface 

(Local Only)

Multi-Target Management
VoIP Monitoring
Reusable Packet Settings
Network Interface Card Selection
Trace to Final Hop Only
Cloud FeaturesSidekickStandard EditionPro EditionCloud
Cloud Monitoring
Remote Agents
Automated Insights
Read-Only LiveShares
Multi-User Support
2-Factor Authentication