Windows Release Notes

PingPlotter 5.21.2 - November 5, 2021


  • Implemented loading spinners on Timeline Graphs (web).
  • Implemented Discovery Targets for Free/Standard/Pro: {{GatewayIP}}, {{SourceIP}}, {{LocalNetworkTarget}}.

CloudConnect End-of-Life Changes

  • CloudConnect is now PingPlotter Cloud
  • CloudConnect removed in Settings screens.
  • CloudConnect Controller configuration disabled (existing configurations will work until service ends November 25, 2021).


  • Fixed a Trace Grid data display issue with short focus periods.
  • Fixed an issue with some data requests failing in Web Interface.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with Windows Application not connecting correctly to running Windows Service.
  • Fixed issue with ICMP.dll interop causing ICMP packet generation to halt over time.
  • Fixed some UI Frozen errors.
  • Fixed other miscellaneous error messages (non-blocking errors).

PingPlotter 5.19.5 - April 9, 2021


  • Improved UDP packet generator reliability after a network change.
  • Improved PingPlotter’s ability to connect during startup when installed as a service.


  • Fixed “UNIQUE constraint failed: Comments.ID” error, which affected some users with persistent comments.
  • Fixed a critical issue that would prevent PingPlotter from shutting down and periodically cause Agents to stop collecting data.
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue in which the Windows Service was unable to shut down in certain scenarios (especially on Cloud Agents).
  • (Windows) When updating or modifying a version 5.19.x install, PingPlotter will no longer incorrectly prompt for a reboot.
  • (Windows) Closing a PingPlotter Cloud Agent that also has an expired Professional trial associated with the install will no longer pester you for confirmation.
  • (Web UI) The Web UI will no longer display “ArgumentNullException obj can not be null” during CloudConnect Controller sessions sync.

PingPlotter 5.19.1 - March 1, 2021


  • Updated packet generator - PingPlotter’s packet generator has been updated to improve its accuracy for sub-millisecond latencies over long periods of extended testing.
  • Comments in the web UI - Just like in the platform, you can add comments to specific points in Timeline Graphs. You can also set alerts to automatically add comments under specific conditions.
  • Agent-based summaries in the web UI - PingPlotter Cloud Agents are now given unique target summaries, making it easier to manage traces on remote devices. In addition, you can now create LiveShare links for Agent summaries, allowing viewers to see the complete status of their network connection.


  • Changed the Save Image alert to use a 24-hour time in file name instead of a 12-hour time
  • Improved CloudConnect Agent install process to be less confusing when deploying to remote devices
  • Special characters are now supported when naming an Agent through the web UI
  • (Web UI) Made CloudConnect Agent management easier to navigate
  • (Web UI) The target input history dropdown is now customizable and remembers previous entries
  • (Web UI) Timeline Graph scrolling is much more smooth and logical
  • (Web UI) Added an All LiveShare viewer page
  • (Web UI) Added settings for latency color scale
  • (Web UI) Updated control panel reactivity to work better on more screen sizes
  • (Web UI) Improved the Trace Graph dropdown menu
  • (Web UI) Improved resource usage and performance


  • Fixed bugs in the Modify Summary and Route Adjustment alerts that prevented editing and creation in some instances
  • (Web UI) Fixed scrollbars showing up unnecessarily on the login page
  • (Web UI) Fixed Timeline Graph sorting so you can, you know, sort Timeline Graphs

PingPlotter 5.18.3 - September 04, 2020


  • When setting up an alert for a specific target, PingPlotter will now automatically select the final hop as the default
  • On summary screens, sorting preferences are now stored in the browser and won't reset automatically
  • The Packet Loss % label on Timeline Graphs is now red, matching the packet loss color on the graph itself
  • Updated the Timeline Graph icon indicator to something less confusing (as it was being mistaken for a WiFi indicator — definitely our B)
  • The Agent details panel buttons no longer truncate text when unnecessary


  • Fixed a bug that kept users from importing workspaces with history data
  • Sidekick now has the correct license information displayed on your account page
  • Expired Sidekick builds now receive proper messaging about license expiration

PingPlotter 5.18.2 - August 10, 2020


  • You can now uninstall a CloudConnect Agent from a machine remotely through the CloudConnect tab in the web UI (Agent must be on version 5.10.4 or above)
  • (Web UI) Improved scrolling through Timeline Graphs and graph data when using a trackpad or Apple Magic Mouse
  • (Web UI) Improved alert setup to better communicate when an alert is ready to be finished versus when it needs more information
  • (Web UI) Users with Summary permissions are no longer able to toggle Final Hop Only on a trace


  • Fixed a bug that created a premature datastore for .PP2 files that had not been fully imported
  • Fixed several bugs related to “index out of bounds” and “null reference” errors
  • (Web UI) Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Focus dropdown to stop updating
  • (Web UI) Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Timeline Graphs of offline CloudConnect traces to appear blank
  • (Web UI) The graph color legend on target windows now show the proper values for different settings configurations
  • (Web UI) Zooming in or out on a Timeline Graph will now center on the cursor location as the 'zoom point'
  • (Windows) Using the Browse button for choosing an SSL certificate now works properly

Known Issues

  • (Web UI) When sorting targets by a column, stopping a trace will cause sorting to return to default (by target name)
  • (Web UI) The menu option to convert a trace to Final Hop Only appears on Agent traces. However, you cannot currently convert an Agent trace to Final Hop Only

PingPlotter 5.18.1 - July 8, 2020


  • (web UI) Improved web exception ticket error reporting
  • (web UI) Selecting Add to new summary from the context menu now redirects to the new summary
  • (web UI) Summary screens now sort by target name by default
  • (web UI) When stopping a target/trace, PingPlotter now unselects that target in the control panel & alert sidebar
  • (web UI) Resizing timegraphs via the splitter now adjusts the graph sizes more quickly
  • (web UI) Added “Pause” indicator on summary graphs to show targets that are paused
  • (web UI) Updated “Agent Offline” icon and made it display in both the Agent column of summary screens and above timegraphs
  • (web UI) Removed some superfluous scroll bars
  • (web UI) Other minor tweaks and UI improvements


  • Fixed CloudConnect Agent functionality on Windows 7
  • (web UI) Fixed ability to add new targets to a summary if you have Target Management permissions, but not Summary Management permissions (now is allowed)
  • (web UI) Fixed several control panel oddities when selecting targets in the summary (Agent, settings now follow correctly)
  • (web UI) Sorting the Status column on summaries now sorts correctly (by average latency/color)
  • (web UI) Latency graphs on the summary screen no longer flash when sorting by a volatile column
  • (web UI) Double-clicking a timegraph will now shift focus to your double-click location instead of someplace else...
  • (web UI) Fixed user search in user editor so it’s not case sensitive and searches any part of the name (not just the beginning)
  • (web UI) Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the target list and Trace Graph to not appear when switching between targets/summaries

PingPlotter 5.18.0 - July 1, 2020


  • PingPlotter’s new web UI - We’ve redesigned PingPlotter’s built-in web UI, building on the massive revision we introduced in 5.15. This includes alert and setting management, CloudConnect integration, and an improved design that’s more functional and easier on the eyes


  • Changed how Target and Summary permissions function to make more sense and behave more as expected
  • Improved error submission from within the web UI
  • Added user permissions for alerts, the session browser, and CloudConnect Agents in the web UI
  • Improved proxy and reverse proxy support


  • Sorting by "Status" in the web UI no longer redirects to the All Targets summary
  • Downloading a PP2 from the web UI now downloads all historical data instead of 5 minutes
  • Routes now update with the current Focus in the web UI
  • Notes column edits now save in the web UI
  • Target name edits now save in the web UI
  • When installing Sidekick over a trial, web server authentication now automatically turns off

Known Issues

  • Users with Target Management permissions can only start a trace in the All Targets summary or the New Target screen

PingPlotter 5.17.1 - June 12, 2020


  • When starting a trace with an IP address, PingPlotter now automatically attempts to resolve a DNS name
  • Improved some error messages in the Web Interface to give better information
  • Improved the load speed of timegraphs on LiveShare pages
  • Added the ability to not use the lowest Windows default timer resolution for PingPlotter


  • Fixed a number of "null reference" and "object reference" errors that occurred in a variety of situations
  • Fixed sorting of Agent, Settings, and Notes column in the Web Interface
  • Fixed a bug that would stop live-rendering of the Web Interface when changing root authentication preferences
  • Fixed a bug in the installer where not running VBScript would cause a full install to fail
  • Fixed a number of minor LiveShare bugs
  • Fixed a situation where LiveShare would not live update
  • Fixed a situation that would cause LiveShare page styling not to load correctly
  • Fixed a "Sequence contains no elements" bug in Sidekick that would prevent it from starting traces correctly in some situations

Known Issues

  • When viewing history data within the Web Interface, the route/trace-grid data does not always update with the current Focus

PingPlotter 5.17.0 - May 22, 2020

New Features

  • Multi-user management - Set up accounts and permissions for multiple PingPlotter web interface users, limiting their edit access for traces, summaries, or other users
  • Live Share - Share and manage unique weblinks that display current network conditions for specific targets or summaries, allowing you to show results to specific people without giving them access to anything they shouldn’t see


  • Improved web trace graph column resize/drag, making for a smoother experience
  • Improved the layout of the trace graph column selector
  • Improved web interface performance and memory/cpu usage


  • Fixed packet loss overstatement on PP2 imports
  • Fixed packet send delay editor
  • Fixed jitter column sorting in the web interface
  • Fixed column adjustment algorithm in the web interface
  • Fixed previous issues with the jitter column

Known Issues

  • If a setting is changed that would require the web server to internally restart (such as authentication, changing the admin username/password, or a license change), the web interface will no longer live update. Currently, this can be resolved by stopping and restarting the PingPlotter service.

PingPlotter 5.15.7 - March 24, 2020

New Features

  • Quick Trace Links - Use and share links that automatically start a trace to a specific endpoint, helping you solve your own issues quickly while also making it easier to troubleshoot problems for those who might not be the most net-savvy.


  • Improved CloudConnect stability.
  • Improved .pp2 export performance.
  • Windows Installer now adds firewall rules for PingPloter's web interface ports.


  • Fixed the cause of the "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes stopped PingPlotter's web interface from updating once the host machine had gone to sleep.
  • Fixed several timeout errors when starting CloudConnect traces.
  • Fixed several bugs that would cause PingPlotter's UI to freeze.
  • PingPlotter now properly shows CloudConnect's sync dialog when running as a service.

PingPlotter 5.15.1 - January 13, 2020

New Features

  • New Web Interface - Control PingPlotter from your favorite browser. Access PingPlotter locally or remotely, allowing you to monitor networks, test connections, and view results from practically anywhere.


  • Improved the Alerts setup experience.
  • Updated the language surrounding MOS alerts to make setup more intuitive.
  • Improved CloudConnect trace resilience and error reporting.


  • Resolved an issue with Find Target (Ctrl+F) not working across summaries.
  • Fixed multi-select functionality.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the import of .pp_sample files.
  • Fixed a bug where the Test Action button on alerts always passed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Launch an EXE alert would not always function.
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors to appear when switching workspaces.
  • Resolved an issue where CloudConnect traces would sometimes cause reference errors.
  • Fixed various frozen UI issues.
  • The Alerts panel now functions as intended.

PingPlotter 5.11.6 - October 17, 2019


  • Resolved an issue that improperly prompted for a new version of .NET
  • Resolved a performance issue with CloudConnect syncing

PingPlotter 5.11.5 - September 10, 2019

New Features

  • Timeline Graph Dropdown - Added a time frame dropdown selector to the Timeline Graph
  • Timeline Graph Resize Control - Added a control to resize the Timeline Graph


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the service to either not start, or take a long time to start
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the Trace Grid to stop updating
  • Resolved an issue that caused the UI to lock up when restarting a large amount of targets
  • Resolved an issue that caused the alert log to throw an error when opened after deleting sessions
  • Resolved an issue that was sometimes causing Rest Alerts to not work properly

PingPlotter 5.11.3 - July 25, 2019


  • Resolved an issue with the Trace Grid sometimes displaying incorrect data

PingPlotter 5.11.2 - July 17, 2019


  • Notes column data is now included in Workspace export
  • Added a new button to the LND tab to make it easier to close


  • Resolved an issue that made importing Target Lists take longer than necessary
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes incorrectly duplicated data when importing a .PP2 file
  • Resolved an issue that prevented re-configuring a CloudConnect Agent with a new link

PingPlotter 5.11.1 - July 3, 2019

New Features

  • Custom Notes Column - Add a helpful note to any hop in a route, whether it be for yourself, your team, or your ISP. Add or edit notes by right-clicking on a hop row, hovering over the target name, and clicking Edit Notes 


  • Improved messaging around enabling CloudConnect when already configured as an Agent or Controller
  • Improved the CPU performance of PingPlotter’s packet send engine


  • Resolved an issue that prevented some PingPlotter Free users from saving an image
  • Resolved an issue that sent a single image twice in an email alert if two different images were requested
  • Resolved an issue that caused errors when importing a target list to a CloudConnect Agent
  • Resolved an issue with PingPlotter causing excessive disk usage

PingPlotter 5.10.4 - May 9, 2019


  • Improved behavior of "Route Changed" and "IP Address In Route" alert conditions that inspect routes and an edge case where they could potentially create duplicate route entries for targets utilizing these conditions.
  • Improved behavior of targets that fail to start over CloudConnect due to DNS resolution failure.
  • Improved messaging for "Test Connection" button in CloudConnect settings page.
  • Improved the messaging when a target is unable to start via CloudConnect due to an error occurring on the Agent.
  • Minor improvements to email validation in "Email Support" window.


  • Resolved an issue where resetting and restarting a target with an active alert would result in a frozen interface.
  • Resolved a scenario where users would get an error regarding comment migration when upgrading to new versions.
  • Resolved a scenario where subscription users weren't able to view certain splash screen pages.
  • Resolved a typo in the CloudConnect session limit bar messaging.
  • Resolved a scenario where users could get a frozen interface when importing a target list over CloudConnect Agents and hitting their session limit.

PingPlotter 5.10.3 - April 26, 2019


  • Improved CPU usage that could grow over time when closing/re-opening target windows and summary windows.
  • Improved the user experience when attempting to configure as a CloudConnect Agent/Controller with an existing configuration.
  • When an error occurs during a target list import via CloudConnect Agent, it should now result in a single message window rather than a new window for each incident.
  • Improved CloudConnect splash behavior, which could have previously resulted in having multiple windows open displaying different statuses.
  • Significantly improved memory usage when attempting to send email alerts but were unable due to no connection.
  • Improved some buggy behavior which could occur when attempting to reset and restart CloudConnect traces.
  • Improved behavior of CloudConnect syncing data, which no longer displays when configuring as a newly created Controller.


  • Installing as a service for the first time should now properly copy application data if no service data exists.
  • Resolved a scenario where a corrupt data file would fail to rebuild and prevent startup.
  • CloudConnect trace utilization messaging now properly updates when CloudConnect traces are closed.
  • When enabled as a CloudConnect Controller/Agent, PingPlotter now closes the settings window, which could previously result in over-writing new settings if clicking "Save" on lingering open windows.
  • When a CloudConnect trace fails to resolve it's address, PingPlotter no longer displays an intrusive message with options to Manage Traces and View Account.

PingPlotter 5.10.2 - April 2, 2019


  • Updated the CloudConnect beta in preparation for the upcoming CloudConnect Preview release.


  • Implemented a variety of minor bug fixes.
  • Resolved an issue where CloudConnect traces would stop when a new Flex Storage period is encountered.

PingPlotter 5.9.3 - March 22, 2019


  • Resolved issues related to startup with large sets of data, resulting in error on startup and targets closing to session manager. These can be reopened via File > Manage Sessions.
  • Resolved scenario where viewing large periods of data would cause significant CPU and sometimes spikes, resulting in "Database is locked" or "User interface is frozen" error messages.

PingPlotter 5.9.1 - March 14, 2019

New Features

  • New Alert Functions - We’ve added new actions and two new conditions to PingPlotter’s alert system:
    • Export PP2 File - Automatically export a .PP2 data file of your current test data for a given target. You can set how much data you wish to export, making incident reporting and redundant data backup a simpler experience.
    • Save an Image - Save a screenshot of your Trace and/or Timeline Graphs for a specified interval. This alert action helps automate evidence collection and routine status reporting.
    • Add a Comment - Add a comment to the Timeline graph whenever an alert condition is met. Comments help keep you organized and communicate important details to anyone reviewing your data.
    • Alert on a Timer - Set an alert action to trigger at regular time intervals. This alert condition allows you to automate routine PingPlotter actions, such as nightly log generation, data backups, and status emails.
    • MOS Condition (Windows only) - Set an alert action to trigger when MOS score goes below a certain point. 


  • Significantly improved startup performance related to active Alerts on running targets and when loading daily Flex Storage data.
  • Historical data template variable now limits the data exported which sometimes resulted in SMTP errors related to large attachments.
  • When encountering certain data issues, now shows non-intrusive popup showing that corrupt samples were discarded rather than repeatedly showing error popup.
  • Improved the way timeline graphs comments are loaded and displayed which could sometimes result in slow memory growth over time.
  • Testing CloudConnect connection should now be slightly more accurate providing additional details on current state. 
  • Significantly improved resource usage and performance of when Local Network Discovery window is running.
  • Added "Agent" variable to email alert templating system.
  • Improved performance and user experience when using Daily Flex Storage periods due to data file locks.
  • Improved timeline graph slider behavior that would sometimes display a message when traces were inactive.


  • Resolved an issue with Flex Storage databases causing data inconsistencies on CloudConnect Agents when selected Flex period rolls over.
  • Fix for comma decimal not working when entering trace interval on machines with certain culture settings.

PingPlotter 5.8.11 - February 13, 2019


  • Application icons received a minor touch up.
  • Significant improvements to service startup and shutdown time.
  • Service startup is now set to "Automatic" from "Automatic (Delayed)" resulting in faster startup time with system startup.
  • Added toggle setting for timeline graph comments on Dynamic DNS change.


  • Fixed an issue with FIPS encryption preventing application from installing / launching.
  • Fixed CloudConnect syncing data dialog which was causing frozen interface errors when opening target windows. 
  • Fixed minimum / maximum latency lines in latency graph.
  • Fixed scenario which showed invalid DateTime message with timeline graph slider.
  • Fixed a scenario that would show invalid path message when testing Log to File alert. 
  • Fixed an issue causing targets to be removed from Summaries after application restart. 

PingPlotter 5.8.10 - January 29, 2019


  • LND "Export to CSV" option now allowed in Standard edition.
  • Improved sizing for images included in email alert templates.
  • Restart application prompt no longer shows when selecting "Cancel" in custom data path browser.
  • Null host error now displays better messaging and closes problem target.

PingPlotter 5.8.9 - January 16, 2019


  • Corrected an issue with aliases causing data storage problems.
  • Fixed an issue with some users not being able to set trace interval with commas instead of decimal points.
  • Corrected issue with period focus changing when resetting focus to current.
  • Corrected an issue where the trial splash screen would not always run because of a different calendar format.
  • Fix for null reference that sometimes occurred a few seconds after Local Network Discovery is stopped.
  • Fixed an issue causing 'Test Email' alert button to not work in all cases.
  • Corrected issue when switching workspaces after importing a file that would cause various errors.
  • Corrected a scenario where importing a .pp_sample file without fully importing data would cause misc errors on next launch.


  • Significantly improved the amount of CPU that PingPlotter uses.
  • Added ability to Find Target by alias name.

PingPlotter 5.8.7 - January 3, 2019


  • Resolved an issue where restarting a CloudConnect Agent prevented sessions from re-opening on the Controller.
  • Resolved an issue where "Over Time" Alert Conditions that resulted in partial seconds would show "Invalid Input String". 
  • Resolved a scenario where canceling an available application update download would cause application to close.
  • Resolved an issue where Free users would occasionally see error message "Null Reference Error" after tracing for some time. 

PingPlotter 5.8.6 - December 21, 2018


  • Resolved an issue where Session Manager would show loading indefinitely and sometimes cause a frozen interface when shutting down the application. 

PingPlotter 5.8.5 - December 20, 2018


  • Several misc improvements to timeline graph slider behavior.
  • CloudConnect Agents should now clear local session data as it's successfully delivered.


  • Resolved a scenario where session database files would sometimes grow at an exponential rate.

PingPlotter 5.8.4 - December 10, 2018


  • Resolved an issue where starting the application with existing historical data (sessions.ppdata) would cause a null reference error.
  • Resolved a scenario where ConfigurationSettings were not migrating properly to new data format resulting in a non-blocking error. 
  • Resolved a scenario where importing a Workspace via command line would result in a frozen interface.
  • Changing data storage directories should now properly restart application on setting change.
  • Now silently handles socket closed messages that were sometimes shown during loss of Agent connection.

PingPlotter 5.8.3 - December 7, 2018


  • Resolved a scenario where application shut down would freeze indefinitely and cause loss of data.
  • Resolved an error when resetting and restarting a non - active trace window.
  • Resolved an error that would sometimes occur when setting configuration names on timeline graphs.
  • Resolved issue with getting session count that would result in a frozen interface.

PingPlotter 5.8.2 - December 6, 2018


  •  Auto Save Data setting now defaults to Always. This will not affect existing installations.
  • Selecting a timeline graph now scrolls to the target's row in summary windows.
  • Implemented a slider control below timeline graphs in target windows which allows for much easier scrolling back through historical data.
  • Implemented Edit > Find Target (Ctrl + F) that allows users to easily find a target by DNS name or IP address in an open summary or target window. 
  • File > Save Image now works on summary windows.
  • Resetting and restarting an open target now retains custom name. 
  • Connecting to Service dialog now displays current service status.


  • Resolved frozen interface scenario when disabling CloudConnect Controller configuration in Edit > Options.
  • Hover tooltips on timeline graphs now displays correct packet loss percentage.
  • Agent selection now correctly locks when opening PingPlotter with active CloudConnect traces.
  • Sending email alerts with certain characters should no longer cause "Invalid Characters in Path" message to be displayed.


PingPlotter 5.8.1 - November 21, 2018

New Features

  • Flex Storage - PingPlotter now separates your session trace data by day or month allowing for increased performance and ease of data management. NOTE: Data collected in versions 5.8.1 and above is only accessible in those versions. Previous versions will be unable to access the data if you roll back.
  • Final Hop Only - A new option that allows users to mitigate resource usage and only collect full route data when it's interesting. This can be configured via "Settings > Engine Options > Start traces as final hop only" and also includes a manual toggle via right click menu as well as a new "Route Adjustment" Alert action that allows you to automate Final Hop Only / Full Route toggling based upon pre-determined conditions.
  • CloudConnect Beta - Remote tracing has never been such a breeze! PingPlotter's CloudConnect feature allows users to deploy PingPlotter to additional machines as an "Agent" and collect remote trace data as if they were on site. This remote trace data is always being collected and can be stored in the cloud to be delivered at any time.

PingPlotter 5.5.15 - September 20, 2018

  • Fix for frozen interface errors when running as a service in the background
  • Improvements to handling of incompatible sessions data files

PingPlotter 5.5.14 - August 3, 2018

  • Resolved an issue causing public builds to falsely expire as a Beta 

PingPlotter 5.5.13 - July 5, 2018

  • Clicking on a timeline graph for a target that is not currently present in the route should no longer display an error message.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause an error message or a frozen interface when attempting to draw colored backgrounds in timeline graphs.

PingPlotter 5.5.12 - May 14, 2018

  • Latency over time alert conditions should now fire as expected when examining a period of time with a threshold of 100% of the time. 
  • Resolved an issue that caused an error message to be shown when closing target windows.

PingPlotter 5.5.11 - April 23, 2018

  • Users should no longer experience usability issues when performing simple UI actions when running as a service
  • Setting alert conditions should now show the correct condition when changed via dropdown
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes result in an error when starting a new target after clearing active workspace  

PingPlotter 5.5.10 - April 10, 2018

  • Timeline graph displays should now correctly update based on the selected target configurations
  • Certain scenarios that require active maintenance should now work correctly for subscription license types
  • File path should now display full path correctly when using Launch an Executable alert action
  • Selecting multiple or all targets on summaries should no longer alter target configurations
  • Alerts Panel should no longer show invalid / non - existent alert bindings for targets
  • Alerts should no longer be added to a target when editing an alert via Alert Library
  • Resolved an error that would sometimes occur during startup when registering MOS column
  • Testing Log to File alert action should no longer show an error

PingPlotter 5.5.9 - February 27, 2018

  • Resolved a scenario where sending Test Emails would fail with "Route Changed" alert condition
  • Resolved a scenario where users could get a "Frozen Interface" error caused by the removal of temporary sessions with a large data set
  • Resolved an issue preventing users from opening the "Alert Events Log" located in the File menu
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused a "Frozen Interface" error when restarting targets that have an existing alert tied to them
  • Improved "Target Name" behavior in web interface when viewing a target with custom a custom DNS name

PingPlotter 5.5.8 - February 3, 2018

  • New Feature: Network interface card (NIC) selection allows users to correlate PingPlotter setting configurations with local network interface cards; see the difference between your wired and wireless connection!
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes result in an error message "invalid hop number"
  • Resolved a scenario that would sometimes result in new packet configurations not displaying a default packet engine
  • Improvements to prevent a frozen interface on startup when clearing temporary sessions

PingPlotter 5.5.7 - October 31, 2017

  • Resolved an issue that caused target ip addresses to no longer be clickable and failed to show correct target status in the web interface

PingPlotter 5.5.6 - October 20, 2017

  • Resolved an issue where expired trials would not allow users to continue in Free mode

PingPlotter 5.5.5 - October 19, 2017

  • Added a feature that transfers existing license and target history from client data when running PingPlotter as a service for the first time
  • Added the ability to reverse select timeline graphs within target windows 
  • Improved behavior when collapsing status column in summary windows
  • Improved alignment between icons and text in alerts panel
  • Fixed a scenario where hovering over an area with no stats on a timeline graph would result in being shown "fake" stats
  • Fixed storage performance issues that Free users would sometimes encounter
  • Fixed a scenario where timeline graphs in web interface and alerts would come through empty with certain Microsoft updates applied
  • Fixed a scenario where opening targets with large amounts of comments in a new version would result in a frozen interface
  • Removed "Auto show timeline graphs on summary" to prevent unintended resource consumption

PingPlotter 5.5.4 - September 28, 2017

  • Dynamic timeline graphs should now size correctly in target windows 
  • Resolved an issue with the alert panel that would sometimes result in a "TypeError"

PingPlotter 5.5.3 - September 25, 2017

Lots of small improvements and fixes, especially as target counts grow.

  • Performance improvements to the session browser - sample counts load in the background so the session list shows immediately
  • Opening more than a handful (5!) sessions from the session browser puts them in the All Targets summary, highlighted, instead of opening tabs for them. Right-click and "Show Target Window" on the summary graph if you actually want to open them all.
  • Performance improvements when resuming tracing after a long hiatus (months) - totals will "aggregate" in the background with a bit less importance and foreground collection and data saves are prioritized higher.
  • Less CPU use with lots of targets. 250 targets with 2.5 second trace intervals should be a lot more CPU friendly now.
  • The remote agent now uses the latest sample instead of sometimes using an older cached one.
  • Improvements to long-term memory use that was causing an array index error (and other memory / sluggishness problems)
  • Importing a .PP2 sample set would sometimes give a licensing error instead of opening.
  • Fixed a problem with the web interface would sometimes give a -4077 econnreset error when a web browser closed its session
  • Fixed a couple of frozen issues (at startup and several others)
  • Fixed an issue where Standard users would sometimes only be able to open a single target.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a target graph didn't do anything
  • Alert log now shows more details about alert email failures
  • Fixed an issue where Local Network Discovery wouldn't let you export to CSV.
  • A good handful of unexpected errors (object references, contract missing and similar) were corrected.

PingPlotter 5.5.2 - September 13, 2017

  • Added "Route Changed" and "IP Address in Route" alert conditions
  • Added "MOS" (Mean Opinion Score) column to summary and target windows
  • Added timeline graph scrolling container that allows users to keep open as many timeline graphs as they desire
  • Added General setting to "Automatically show timeline graphs for targets added to summary screen"
  • Added General setting "Timeline graph minimum height" which prevents timeline graphs from going below a certain size
  • Added "Reverse selecting" of timeline graphs allowing users to easily correlate a graph with a target in the upper trace window
  • Added "Timeline hover tooltip" which provides detailed latency information when hovering over a timeline graph
  • Added "Target Count" to bottom of summary trace graph below final target
  • Added the ability to export "Local Network Discovery" targets to a CSV file
  • Added "Launch an Executable" alert type
  • Fixed issue where most recently highlighted target would not highlight again until another target was selected
  • Fixed several issues that resulted in "Frozen" interfaces
  • Fixed issue where web interface graphs would appear as a broken link after a period of time
  • Fixed issue where web interface graph time and focus period would always revert to the default
  • Fixed issue where altering installation to run as a service left client instance running
  • Fixed issue where opening a PingPlotter PP2 file directly would not correctly import and display in program
  • Fixed issue where exporting a Workspace would cause the active workspace to load incorrectly next time PingPlotter starts
  • Fixed issue where custom summaries would not migrate correctly from v4
  • Moved Summary sub-menu out of Workspaces and into its own menu category

PingPlotter 5.4.3 - March 10, 2017

  • Workspace consistency
  • Removed error popup when resetting and restarting a target while the Alerts is panel open
  • Resolved an issue where time graphs would sometimes stop updating
  • Resolved an issue where trace intervals longer than 60 minutes would stop other traces and prevent alerts from firing
  • Resolved an issue where renaming a summary via Web Interface would result in an error
  • Resolved an issue where time graphs were sometimes not opening in their correct state
  • Windows Service will now start in "Automatic (Delayed)" mode instead of "Automatic" making startup more reliable
  • Improvements to messaging and UX of Free mode users
  • Improvements to route accuracy
  • Enabled "Change" button in Apps & Features and Add or Remove Programs replacing Modify / Uninstall button. 
  • Minor UI improvements

PingPlotter 5.4.2 - February 3, 2017

  • Support for 64-bit sytem architecture.
  • Ability to reset and restart targets from a summary.
  • Right-click target or timeline from summary > Show Target Window.
  • Jitter target line (Edit > Options > Jitter "target" line).
  • Date & time stamp on summary showing detailed focus period times.
  • Exporting has been adjusted to bring stability and less errors.
  • Alert panel buttons look better.
  • Improvements within the remoting system now prevents deadlocks and frozen interfaces.
  • Minor changes in route building logic.

PingPlotter 5.4 - January 31, 2017

  • New features included in this release.
    • Automatically displays timeline graphs for new targets (Edit > Options > Automatically show timeline graphs for targets added to summary screen).
    • Ability to reset and restart targets from a summary.
    • Right-click target or timeline from summary > Show Target Window.
    • Jitter target line (Edit > Options > Display > Jitter "target" line).
    • Date & time stamp on summmary showing detailed focus period times.
    • Support for 64-bit system architecture.
  • Improvements
    • Same sets now export 500,000 samples, down from 1,000,000 (includes workspace samples).
    • Session manager now displays approximate total opposed to incorrectly guessing the exact total.
    • Selecting a target in a summary screen keeps the target's timeline graph highlighted (used to fade away after a second).
    • Minor performance upgrades.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Removed persistent Visual C++ Redistributable pop up on Windows reboot.
    • Several areas known to be prone to out of memory exceptions have been refactored.
    • UI clean up in alerts panel.
    • Web interface correctly displays all information.
    • Refactored remoting calls to prevent thread deadlocks and frozen messages.
    • Cleaned up the Workspace experience.

PingPlotter 5.3.2 - November 30, 2016

  • Packet type was defaulting to UDP. It is now changed back to ICMP using Windows DLL.
  • Edit Template button was missing from email alerts. It's now found next to "Test Email".

PingPlotter 5.3.1 - November 18, 2016

  • Two new features are available in this release.
    • Local Network Discovery - You can now scan your local network using a wide variety of protocols to identify devices that can be affecting your network performance. You will love how easy it is to view your network and select devices to monitor with PingPlotter. Local network discover is available in Standard and Professional editions.
    • Dynamic DNS Support - Do you use PingPlotter to monitor a server that doesn't stay on a fixed IP address? Now PingPlotter will follow DNS changes that point to the system and keep monitoring it regardless of IP address changes. Instructions on how to use dynamic DNS are available in the manual.
  • New features aren't the only thing to get excited about. This is the first simultaneous release of macOS and Windows. Hooray for cross-platform technology!
  • Fixed a bug that caused some new traces to start at the wrong default trace interval.
  • Improved startup performance for users with larger data sets.
  • Hunted down and tackled a bug that produced "route 0 no found" errors.
  • Got crazy route changes? This version brings several improvements to route tracking that helped both the new features and overall performance.

PingPlotter 5.2.8 - October 27, 2016

  • You can now export your data - without exporting everything in Standard and Professional Editions!  Exporting to the .pp2 file format now lets you chose between exporting all data (up to 1 million samples) or exporting only the data defined by the current focus period.  Very snazzy.
  • Improved efficiency of exporting data in .pp2 format so that it uses significantly less memory during the export process.
  • Squashed a bug that made some targets stop showing up in summary screens.
  • Fixed a bug that delayed graphs from drawing in the latency column.
  • Found and fixed a problem that could happen when switching workspaces.

PingPlotter 5.2.7 - October 6, 2016

  • We worked hard on this release to streamline workspace management for our Professional edition users (with some benefits to Standard and Free as well).
  • PingPlotter now keeps track of the last workspace you used and reopens it automatically each time you launch PingPlotter. No more confusing options to set them to load again.
  • For users of Standard and Professional versions, we also gave you a quick option to open with a clean workspace every time. In your options just choose "Do not open targets on launch" and we... um... won't open any of your targets the next time the program is launched.
  • In the process of streamline workspaces, we squashed a number of bugs that affected session management, workspaces, and switching between different sets of data.
  • And while we were "under the hood" we made some speed and general performance improvements. Tune-ups are always a good thing.

PingPlotter 5.02.5 - October 4, 2016

  • Fixed a bug in the web interface that prevented targets from displaying.

PingPlotter 5.2.4 - September 29, 2016

  • Added a feature in PingPlotter Professional to export a list of targets from a summary screen. We cleverly called it "Save Target List File...".
  • Will now install on (and we support running on) 2008 R1 and R2. We recommend Windows 8.1 or later, though, especially with high target counts and the default ICMP.DLL engine.
  • Fixed a bug in the Share feature that prevented users from publishing their sample data to if they had the "Include Settings name with target/host description" option selected and were running as a service.
  • Improvements to the underlying layout and ease of use various screens in throughout the program to match our recent macOS release.
  • For users who were aggressively pinging multiple targets with sub 1 second trace intervals using ICMP - we made improvements to prevent the drawing of data from falling behind over time or resulting in a "frozen" message.
  • Squashed a bug that produced "frozen" error when deleting all sessions from the session manager.
  • Eliminated some unnecessary warnings from popping up when viewing a lot of historical data at the same time you are collecting data.
  • Fixed a bug where the remote agent ports were not closing when data collection was paused which would cause a whole lot of nothing to happen when you tried to restart the trace.
  • Speaking of remote agent, we made it capable of handling a loss of connection without making your routes go wild and crazy.
  • Improved the comment feature to more gracefully handle comments with weird (read invalid) dates or times. Want to add a comment with the time of "asparagus"? Well you're not going to confuse us now!
  • Improved support for UTF8 character sets. We may not be able to speak a bunch of languages - but we can handle you typing them into PingPlotter.
  • Made improvements so that importing a list of targets with a bunch of work (like importing data) going on in the background won't cause you grief.
  • Added a feature in PingPlotter Professional to export a list of targets from a summary screen. We cleverly called it "Save Target List File...".
  • For users who were finding that PingPlotter 5 wasn't being launched when you clicked on a .pp2 file - we improved the ability to associate the .pp2 file format with the current version.

PingPlotter 5.2.3 - August 24, 2016

  • Huge improvement to startup times when there is a lot of stored data in your auto-load workspace. Loading any big workspace is much faster now too.
  • Fixed bug where some settings would not be removed during uninstall.
  • Opening a target in the web interface now defaults to show the last 5 minutes of collected data instead of all data. This makes the web interface respond faster when it's dealing with lots of collected data.
  • Fixed a problem where a malformed or corrupt settings file prevented PingPlotter from launching.
  • Sorting the summary screen by the status column sorts based on whether targets are paused or running. This makes group actions like resuming all paused targets easier.
  • Fixed a problem in the ICMP raw sockets packet type that was using too much CPU.

PingPlotter 5.2.2 - August 18, 2016

  • PingPlotter remembers more about the state you left it in - size, position, trace interval, timegraph time, column visibility and size.
  • Improvements to some background processes to reduce likelihood of freezes.
  • Includes a good bit of refactoring as part of the (imminent) OSX release
  • Added "About sharing and privacy" option to share menu.
  • Some improvements to error logging to help us find a couple of the impossible-to-reproduce issues (that we hope we've also fixed).
  • Updates to docking system to start more quickly/gracefully.
  • Improved messaging for Free users trying to open .pp2 files created by other machines.
  • Caught/fixed a couple more null reference errors. Thanks for helping us catch these!
  • Fixed an issue that was causing errors when connected to the service and closing a bunch of targets (a missing message error).
  • Improved the way hop numbers are listed on the time graph to make that more reliable.
  • Fixed a problem with a the migration from 5.0 to 5.01.6 that would sometimes leave data unoptimized and running slow. If you're running into performance issues and you were on an older version of V5, give this a try. It make take several minutes after launch depending on the size of your data, but should eventually (within a few minutes) correct itself to be high-performance, no matter how much collected data you have.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a host didn't always stick correctly.
  • Hiding a trace grid column, then re-showing it will now cause it to reappear in its default position rather than the first column.
  • A handful of other improvements and usability fixes.

PingPlotter 5.2.1 - July 15, 2016

  • Much, much better handling of 250+ targets.
  • Implemented live sorting on summary graph data columns.
  • New "Share to" feature available in Free, Standard and Pro editions. Click File > Share > Share to, and we'll host your screenshot and data to make it easy for you to share your network problems with others.
  • Standard mode should now always allow 2 targets to open.
  • Significant improvements to update rates on summary graphs with lots of targets listed.
  • Text on tabs should no longer disappear in some RDP scenarios (well, ever - but it was annoyingly doing it on RDP sessions previously). Thanks for Actipro for their good support on handling this issue.
  • Right-clicking on the time graph and picking a new time period now zooms (in and out) on the period you right-clicked.
  • Fixed a handful of application frozen conditions.
  • Added a couple more data points to the error logs.
  • The jitter column now works better when looking at history (aggregate) data.
  • Fixed an issue where time graphs would sometimes show slightly incorrect values for a few seconds when live tracing/viewing.
  • You can't delete the last named configuration in Pro's settings editor anymore.
  • Built a command line data pruning utility. Contact us if you need this (we'll have a page up on it soon).
  • Session browser opens faster when there's lots of collected data.
  • Fixed an issue where local failures in packet sends with ICMP.DLL packets could conspire to stop sending of all ICMP packets.
  • Improved text export performance and capabilities.

PingPlotter 5.1.6 - June 27, 2016

  • Adjusted time graph scale so unnecessary decimals are not displayed.
  • Cleaned up some intermediate hop time graphs drawing issues.
  • Renamed "Trigger Notification" alert to "Tray Notification" (hey, Trigger's an awesome word, but ... what does that do?)
  • Fixed issue where exporting a .pp2 or saving an image could switch to the wrong tab and do it to the wrong data.
  • Save image menu option now comes up with a default save file name based on the target.
  • Added support for escape and enter keys on a couple dialogs, and made the license name entered save in all cases.
  • Tweaked first day trail experience to appear more as a trial.
  • Moved data storage from %appdata% to %localappdata%. This means data won't roam with you (which makes no sense) and is stored on the local machine rather than a network drive in some cases.
  • Added ability to store collected data folder on a network drive (although we definitely don't recommend it).
  • Fixed an issue where the service sometimes wouldn't start on boot (but would start fine manually). If you see this again, we'd love to hear about it.
  • Improved session deletion speed.
  • Fixed a timer accuracy related issue that caused gray periods in time graphs.
  • Improved alert action to respect the "Use StartTLS" flag. Also, now accepts any security certificate without complaint.
  • Switching to the TCP packet type now appropriately initializes packet size to 40 bytes (others are still 56).
  • Added some links to variables on more of the alert setup pages that use variables.
  • A handful of other minor tweaks / fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed a problem initializing an alert from a workspace.

PingPlotter 5.1.4 - June 20, 2016

  • Summary graph names are now updated in the right-click menu, too, when renamed.
  • Cleaned up service related memory issues to address some application freezes and out of memory errors.
  • Fixed a startup error that could sometimes cause a null reference error on "just-right" situations on single-CPU machines.
  • Improved time graph line drawing on some machines that was causing odd aliasing and inconsistent line widths.
  • Fixed a problem with multiple instances of the Free version connected to the same service - no longer locks up.
  • Progress bars are now updating more reliably when opening multiple sessions.

PingPlotter 5.1.3 - June 15, 2016

  • Constant data collection is now (more) possible. An original goal of PingPlotter 5 was to run forever without having to configure it. In the initial release of version 5.0, this was only possible in certain cases - and when you went back to review (distant or lots-of) history, memory errors could occur. This should be solve in this version, with the goal of allowing this release to run continuously with hundreds of targets (with no defined time where "too long" exists).
  • Built statistical aggregation to improve performance looking at 7-day time periods on a summary screen without having to re-build statistics each time a new sample arrives.
  • Startup is significantly faster (both on slow and fast machines), and the user interface becomes pleasantly responsive much sooner.
  • Fixed performance issues where lots of route changes (turns out 2 weeks of 2.5 second completely unique combinations of routers takes a lot of work and memory to keep track of).
  • Added progress bars to many areas where large volumes of data were causing uncertainty (and sometimes "the user interface appears to be frozen" messages)
  • Fixed an out of memory error that could occur when importing some legacy .pp2 files (with errors).
  • Workspaces can now be migrated from version 4 with history much more reliably.
  • Fixed a good handful or scenarios that would cause lockups.
  • Fixed a hard crash that would sometimes happen on really aggressive trace intervals with lots of targets.
  • Rebuilt the options system to get rid of errors, painting problems and inability-to-use. For those looking for more options, we're working on that, but this update was focused on making it work better, not making it everything.
  • Fixed some problems with TCP packet engine where not having WinPCap installed would result in a routing problem.
  • Added some better error logging to make it easier to find errors (although we're sure (uh...) that errors are banished forever).
  • Fixed bug in screenshot logic - would sometimes have a 0 width, causing an error.
  • Significantly improved the REST call alert to work with different kinds of services and better template variable substitution.
  • Some tweaks to web interface (we aspire for more, but ...)
  • Improved ability to use multiple cores on some slow operations.
  • Fixed stickiness of Column widths and visibility through a close/reopen. Also the time graphs you were looking at when you closed should reopen. (Pro Only).
  • Service startup logic is now dependent on having the network running which helps PingPlotter start more reliably on fast machines.
  • Fixed a handful of graph painting / not updating problems.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple remote agents really, really wanted to have their settings combined and then erased.
  • Setting the PingPlotter service to "Disabled" will allow the GUI to launch without the "Waiting for service to start" timeout message.
  • Improved speed of support ticket submission from error reports and the help menu. Also enable the Return / Enter key so multi-line questions are more natural (who needs more than a single line to ask a question? me!)
  • Fixed a problem that caused an error during startup on some (isolated) machines.
  • Improved speed of loading session browser when running a lot of targets.
  • Bunches of minor GUI tweaks.
  • Fixed bug where an "ALL" alert mask tied to intermediate hops, too, instead of just to all final destination.
  • Fixed a bunch of other annoyance/behavior bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused launching on a FIPS-enabled machine to fail.
  • Fixed some data locking problems that would sometimes cause issues when writing to the disk.
  • Some improvements to error logs to improve consistency and ability to show errors more reliably during startup.
  • Better, faster, stronger. More superhero-like.
  • A DNS resolution error was showing two indicators, one of them requiring you to acknowledge. Now, just shows the friendlier indication, not the harder error-looking message.
  • Fixed a bug where the first sample collected wasn't always being included in the upper graph statistics, causing slight delays in updating the display.
  • Fixed a bug where the options screen wasn't showing the jitter settings in Pro.
  • Fixed a bug in the time graphs where a big gap in collected data might cause the background to blink on every collected sample.

PingPlotter 5.0.14 - May 27, 2016

  • Fixed a problem where tabs would have no name during some minimize/resize events (mini-tabs aren't as fun as you might think).
  • Testing SMTP settings will now time out after 15 seconds instead of a minute.
  • Improvements in license management for license keys that are more than a year old (as a side note, we have full support for all licenses working on computers without a network connection, even subscriptions).
  • Some improvements to startup performance when loading to a blank workspace.
  • Fixed a bug where the Windows Service would sometimes not load your preferred workspace.
  • Fixed a font size problem on the target dropdown on some systems.
  • Fixed (annoying!) bug where absence of network would cause a null reference error on launch because of inability to check if there's a new version of PingPlotter available
  • Added some troubleshooting information to better detect missing dll dependancies
  • Fixed a good handful of other minor bugs and messages.

PingPlotter 5.0.13 - May 13, 2016

  • Increased PingPlotter's available to 3GB to improve performance and the loading of large workspaces.
  • Improvements to migration including ability to import workspaces without historical data.
  • Enabled timeouts on email server settings.

PingPlotter 5.0.9 - May 5, 2016

  • Columns respond better to window resizing.
  • Fixed UDP related Index Out of Range Exception.
  • Graph colors match legend on all program screens.
  • Log to file alert templates are modifiable. All alert conditions apply to this alert type.
  • Web interface summary graph sorting and focus times are more reliable.
  • Improved .pp2 file imports.
  • Alert masks and log to file paths import from v4 to v5.
  • Modified some syntax for alert templates.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

PingPlotter 5.0.8 - May 3, 2016

  • New migration assistant automatically imports version 4 settings.
  • Added support for scripted extensions, including Launch Executable alert action.
  • Fixed freeze when creating a screenshot.
  • More appropriate message when ipv6/ipv6 addresses are specified but not in the DNS record.
  • Modify summary alert action no longer shows up in Standard edition.
  • Added clarity to RawSocket access denied error messaging.
  • Fixed index out of bound issues in UDP packet engine and Free edition.
  • Improved web server messaging and other tweaks.
  • Remote Agent packet engine now can have unique settings and won't just inherit from the first one.
  • Default tab created when there are no tabs will no longer be launched when closing all windows before opening a workspace.
  • Improved behavior when multiple GUIs are connected to service in Free and Standard modes.
  • Fixed some drawing issues on trace graph.
  • Updated error messages on RawSocket access denied errors to make them slightly more clear.
  • Fixed freeze when deleting default configuration.
  • A handful of other fixes and improvements.

PingPlotter 5.0.7 - April 27, 2016

  • Alerts check for empty fields instead of showing null reference errors, and a variety of other alert system improvements.
  • Improved some license failure modes, fixed some early trial expiration problems.
  • Fixed a good handful of "User interface frozen" and "null reference" errors.
  • Free edition works more like it should. Time graphs show 10 minutes instead of 60 seconds. Some other free edition only bugs were resolved too.
  • Fixed some "Copy to clipboard" problems experienced by a small handful of users. If you get one of these in 5.00.7+, please let us know.
  • Reset and restart now keeps any explicitly defined alerts for that target. If you really want to clear your alerts, start a new target.
  • Changed default auto-save setting from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Running targets load better in Standard edition.
  • Changed default packet send delay from 30ms to auto. More targets, easier and faster now!
  • A good handful of other improvements and tweaks (most even more minor than the ones above).

PingPlotter 5.0.6 - April 22, 2016

Download PingPlotter 5 here

  • Session browser now shows the newest sessions first by default.
  • Entering license keys should no longer freeze the program. A handful of other licensing related issues were fixed too.
  • PingPlotter stays in free edition after making the switch.
  • Added a feature to "Reset columns to default" when right clicking on the column headers.
  • Fixed a bug where some IPv6 addresses would get entered as a wildcard, causing odd behavior (your machine showing up 60 times in the list, for example).
  • Fixed problems with missing configuration ID errors.
  • Improved some error handling and reporting. You only need to enter your name and email in the first error report / ticket you send to us and PingPlotter will remember that for next time (revolutionary, right?).
  • Fixed a problem where targets would sometimes not show up in the All Targets summary.
  • Some improvements to performance and other bug fixes.

PingPlotter 5.0.4 - April 19, 2016

  • All new C# cross-platform capable codebase (the same engine used for our iOS app and Mac technology preview).
  • Most of the long term monitoring configurations that were necessary in the past are eliminated. This version can monitor perpetually out of the box, will auto-save everything, and auto-manages the memory footprint without special configuration by you.
  • Added Auto-save settings that really control auto-discard (but that didn't sound right). We save it, but if you don't want to keep stuff around, you can tell PingPlotter to throw it away (no more "Do you want to save?" questions on close).
  • New user interface, rearranged controls use space more efficiently and eliminate redundant information found in control layouts of previous versions. Graphics are optimized for hi-resolution monitors.
  • Alerts are set up and modified within the context of a target. Time based conditions are included alongside sample count based conditions, and alerts are created and managed through a guided process. Click Alerts on the right of a target to get started.
  • Completely rebuilt the Windows Service design. The data collection engine can run without a GUI. The user interface can seemlessly access that service engine with a live view. Everything is designed to work when running as a service.
    The service is also available in all editions. To run as a service, enable the Collect data in the background option during installation.
  • Improved "auto" settings for send delay to allow more targets to be traced with less configuration. Selecting this option from the Edit > Options > Engine screen will mean PingPlotter automatically find the time it needs between packets to meet your target and trace interval specifications.
  • (Pro only) A default workspace is always running. Additional workspaces can be set up at-will. Click the Workspace menu in the header to start a new one.
  • Increased latency measurement precision. Sub-millisecond response times are detectable. You'll see a decimal value for hops that listed 0 millisecond latency in the past.
  • Added Auto focus setting (which is totally awesome). When focus is set to Auto, the upper grid and lower graphs stay in sync (even as you scroll). The setting saves a few clicks and is also useful for inspecting route changes because hops update as you focus on different time periods.
  • We found ourselves spending a lot of time converting between counts and times (is 15 samples 2 minutes worth?). Settings are now time based instead of sample count based to save some conversion math.
  • Added natural language commenting. Comment on timelines with times like 5 minutes ago or Yesterday at 2:00 pm. Post comments in the future by entering a time that hasn't happened yet. e.g. In 3 hours.
  • That's just a start - improvements are everywhere.

PingPlotter v4.12.0 - January 15, 2016

  • Fixed "argument out of range" error that happened when closing targets via right-click on a summary graph.
  • Fixed "sample out of range" error when creating an image in some cases when using period-based statistics.
  • Fixed cross site scripting bugs that affected several areas of the web interface.
  • Fixed a handful of access violations and anomolies.
  • Added the Settings name to "Copy as Image" and "Save as Image" graphics when appropriate (> 1 config, show name option turned on).
  • Improvements to behavior when deleting a named configuration. Much less likely to error when in use.
  • Fixed bug where alert could be associated with a non-responding intermediate hop.
  • Fixed bug where it was impossible to rename a hop/host that didn't have some kind of a name on it already.
  • A handful of other minor tweaks in drawing and behavior.

PingPlotter v4.11.2 - December 10, 2015

  • Fixed some issues that were causing configurations with remote agents to lock-up.
  • Fixed issue where .wav files were not working with audio alerts on some systems.
  • Fixed some incorrect route changes on high-rate remote agent setups.
  • Added a "close all without saving" option to the "You have lots of new data, save?" prompt on close - also a "save as workspace" option.
  • Fixed a bug when closing multiple targets from summary screen when there was dynamic sorting happening.
  • Added "check for updates" option to "Help" menu.

PingPlotter v4.11.1 - December 3, 2015

Version 4 and beyond are free upgrades for customers with active maintenance. Paid upgrades are currently half price and available in the account system along with custom (license key embedded) downloads and additional licenses.

Upgrade Instructions

Download the installer from your account or the download page and run it.

  • UDP engine overhaul
    • Installer auto-configures firewall rules for UDP packets (selectable in the installer).
    • UDP packets work without admin privileges on Windows 7+.
    • Updated remote agent to use new UDP logic.
    • Fixed a bunch of UDP bugs that was crashing / not working.
  • Usability improvements
    • Added ability to reset/restart selected targets from summary screen.
    • Error messages now show in subject line for informational errors on the "Ask for help" button.
    • Rearranged options in the right-click menu, and moved a few others from the summary screen "Trace" button.
    • Removed "Show route change indicator" option from the route panel.
    • Added PingPlotter Mobile link to Help menu.
  • Version updates download and launch with a single click
  • Winpcap one-click auto-download/install.
  • Tweaked route logic to better handle route exclusions and turbulent routes.
  • Route change works better with all.
  • Squashed a good handful of bugs.

PingPlotter v4.10.1 - October 24, 2015

  • Add new graph scaling option: "Scale to last visible time graph" for target time graphs. This is now default and makes it easier to compare latency across the entire route.
  • Alert system improvements:
    • Now ships with some "Sample" alerts that can be used as-is, or cloned/modified. Right click on the alert list in the editing screen if you want to hide the samples.
    • Play Sound alert event can play mp3 files (and other typical sound files), in addition to wav files. You can test the sound quickly with a new "play" button on the alert. We also now ship a handful of audio files that we like to use.
    • Added a new event type: "Add a comment" to the time graph on a target - use this to log conditions / information (or action that you have the alert system doing).
    • Added a splitter between the alert list and the alert edit area.
    • SMTP server settings can now be tested in the area where you configure them (without an alert configured).
    • If SMTP server is not configured, you can access the settings for that with a shortcut from alert configuration.
    • 10060-style SMTP errors now have option to look up the error message on our server / KB.
    • A handful of other tweaks / improvements / fixes.
  • Supports monthly subscription pricing plans in addition to perpetual licensing.
  • Titlebar now shows workspace name instead of an arbitrary target name on professional edition.
  • Tweaks to TCP engine to make it more likely to work on some routers.
  • Error reports come across with correct OS information on Windows 8 and newer.
  • Improved license expiration/application shutdown applications in use and/or unattended.
  • Clicking on a pingplotter:// link launches PingPlotter (auto-license entry).
  • Lots of access violations / errors fixed.
  • Fixed bug where MultiPing data couldn't be sent to Pingplotter Standard (only professional edition).
  • Fixed bug in options screen that let you delete all the configurations.
  • Improved drawing of low-level packet loss to make it fit inside the trace graph a bit better (instead of looking like it was drawing negative bars)
  • Fixed "Remember me" option in web interface.
  • Fixed packet cargo options that sometimes caused random data instead of the specified cargo.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes make a time graph not show up when you double-clicked it in the trace graph.
  • Fixed bug when cloning alerts - you can now create multiples in a group and all of them save (instead of just the last one).

PingPlotter v4.01.2 - June 30, 2015

  • Improved service instance behavior when a license key was expired, missing or PingPlotter Standard.
  • Fixed problem where closing a target tab with the target history dropdown open would cause the history to show full-screen.

PingPlotter v4.01.1 - June 26, 2015

Lots of tweaks, improvements and fixes.

  • Speed improvements when painting graphs, especially summary graphs that were being sorted by an actively changing column.
  • Packet loss bars on trace graph no longer show text by default. Turn that back on via the right-click menu if you miss seeing that. It was a bit clutterful and it feels a little more "open" - and packet loss % is available as a column.
  • You can now move a target to a summary screen from the web interface.
  • Fixed handful of problems with Internet Explorer in the web interface.
  • Fixed error with & in summary names in web interface.
  • Fixed problem where remote agents had some interoperability problems when the agent and PingPlotter host used different decimal point characters.
  • Fixed problem where PingPlotter would always reopen on primary monitor. Will now open on whichever monitor / position you closed it.
  • Updated some maintenance and license check messaging to make things more clear and obvious.
  • Fixed bug when sending text-only alert emails.
  • Testing of alert events now picks a good "test" host much more often.
  • Improved experience when launching minimized or via the COM api.
  • Jitter now sorts a bit more numerically :).
  • Fixed several crashes related to the web server.
  • Fixed bug where "Trace via remote server" engine type didn't work in trial mode (and any other custom script type).
  • PingPlotter can now load MultiPing v3 workspaces (oops!).
  • Double-clicking on a .pp2 file that launches PingPlotter will now show that target in the "All Targets" list.
  • Fixed a handful of other issues (invalid mime types, unicode compatibility, legend visibility, Windows Scripting host unavailability, lots more).

PingPlotter v4.00.3 - April 24, 2015

  • Fixed crash when running TCP with WinPcap turned off. Note: We've found no cases where WinPcap is not required since Windows XP SP2. We will be dropping all other ways of generating TCP traceroute in a future build.
  • Fixed several access violations.
  • Updated welcome "splash" screen to make it more obvious that you've already entered a license key.
  • Several other minor tweaks.

PingPlotter v4.00.2 - April 14, 2015

  • Fixed several errors around deleting of old samples.
  • Fixed several access violations.
  • Reenabled "Modify" option for Add/Remove programs
  • Updated help files, in-program context help
  • Fixed several remaining Unicode imperfections
  • Fixed a shutdown-blocking problem
  • Improved messaging when opening a workspace with IPv6 targets on a system that isn't capable of IPv6 (probably Windows XP).
  • Several other minor tweaks / fixes.

PingPlotter v4.00.1 - April 1, 2015

  • Option to send alert emails as text, HTML, or both (defaults to both)
  • Updated Help file, hints, and warnings
  • Cleaned up Unicode related issues
  • Applying settings from summary screen updates details screen
  • Smoothed out license migration process
  • Layout tweaks on summary graph and control area
  • Updates to in program graphics

PingPlotter v4.00.0


  • Multiple summary screens allows user defined grouping of targets in separate screens
  • Target management tools enable target searching, tab hiding, and adding targets from summaries
  • Multi-select actions facilitate opening of graphs, moving to summary, and stopping trace for multiple targets at once


  • Two simultaneous targets are now available to help eliminate troubleshooting variables, double monitoring capacity, and improve multi-tasking capabilities.


  • Added timeline graph that shows last ten minutes of performance history

Professional and Standard editions

  • Progress dialogue when loading target list from file
  • REST alert events for integrating PingPlotter and other services like Slack, and Hipchat
  • HTML formatted alert emails. Send text, HTML, or combo alert emails; all of it is editable
  • Improved TCP engine so it works through more firewalls
  • Track dynamic IP addresses
  • Alert subnet masks now use industry standard ip/mask format (examples: or to associate a specific alert with only appropriate targets
  • New docking system. Pro tip: Set up trace graphs and summary screens side-by-side
  • Improved scripting engine

All editions

  • A single download now supports Free, Standard, and Professional editions
    • Switch between editions by clicking Help > Change Editions
    • Professional license owners can access any edition
    • Standard license owners can access Free and Standard editions
  • Supports pinging IPv6 targets
    • By default, will use Windows lookup stack to pick between addresses when a single target supports IPv4 and IPv6
    • There is an option to prefer IPv6 or IPv4
    • Prefixing a target name by IPv4: or IPv6: will force a single target to use that protocol
  • Unicode support so non-English characters can be used in comments, target names, and elsewhere
  • UI improvements
    • New graphics
    • Better timegraph and alert icons
    • Friendlier colors
    • Upper graph legend tweaks
  • Updated to latest compiler and component versions
  • Prettier, more informative (awesome), welcome screens. Goes away automatically, or if you click anything else. If you never want to see it, turn it off in options and please let us know why.
  • Rebranded from Nessoft to Pingman Tools

Archived Release Notes