PingPlotter Partnership


Your Customer. Our Support.

Solve user's network problems in less time and with less cost by helping them collect information that leads to solutions.

Customers with network problems are expensive. After you add staff time, customer dissatisfaction, and missed opportunities together, you'll probably find network problems cost more than you prefer spending. If that's the case, building our partner resources into your process can decrease your support costs and help your business thrive.

Network Diagnostic Software

PingPlotter is our flagship network diagnostic tool. It graphs latency and packet loss at every point between the computer it's running on and your system.

For your Business

A tool for visually analyzing customer network problems and diagnosing the issue.

For your Customers

A free network performance test that shows information about the cause of their problem.

Our free edition is available for any company to recommend without licensing or fees. You can start right now with PingPlotter Free or 14 day trials of our Standard and Professional editions.

What about SpeedTest?

Tools like Ookla SpeedTest, and, are excellent at verifying a slow connection, but your users can already tell if the internet is slow or not.

What users actually need is information about the cause of their problem. Is it the local network, the server delivering content, or something in between?

PingPlotter's focus is showing the source of network problems. It even displays the information in a graph virtually anyone can understand.

Sharing Service

Our sharing service makes it easy for customers to show their network performance to your team.

For your Business

A place for people working with customers to view and download network performance test results.

For your Customers

A simple way for customers to privately share information about their network problem.

Sharing PingPlotter test results is as easy as clicking a button. Here's more information about using the service.

Guidance for Everyone

Our documentation covers everything from the network troubleshooting process to details on how to use software.

For your Business

A documentation library your team can use to educate customers and themselves.

For your Customers

Step-by-step instructions on how to test their network, share the results, and maybe even find a solution.

Our extensive library is available free to anyone interested in helping others solve network problems.

How Partnerships Work

Partnering with us involves building our resources into your company's network problem solving process. Using our resources increases effectiveness around solving network problems and leads to happier customers, satisfied employees, and better business.

Free (mostly)

Resources for customers are free. That includes PingPlotter Free, documentation, and sharing. Your team is welcome to use those resources as well. They can also view shared data online for no charge. The only cost you'll incur is if you choose PingPlotter Standard or Professional. Those editions are required if downloading shared data to analyze in their own copy of PingPlotter becomes necessary.


Improving the way your company solves network problems benefits your business in several ways.

Happier Customers

Solving problems for customers makes their day, especially when they're dealing with something as notoriously frustrating as network issues.

Satisfied Employees

Having tools and information available to effectively troubleshoot customer networks improves confidence and results in more positive resolutions.

Stronger Brand

Nothing catalyzes word-of-mouth like happy customers and satisfied employees. A reputation for fixing network problems provides a competitive advantage as well.

Improved Infrastructure

Better information about your network can help identify systematic issues and lead to improvements that eliminate future issues.

Getting Started

Everything you need to get started is on this page. You're welcome to explore and start building our resources into your business's network problem solving process at any time.

If you're interested in personalized advice, send us your email, and we'll contact you to help with a customized plan.