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Network Troubleshooting
for Ordinary Internet Users

PingPlotter Standard tests the route between you and the services you use to help you identify the bandwidth bottlenecks, WiFi interference, or faulty hardware impacting your connection.

When you're having trouble streaming, gaming, or just using the internet, it's hard to know what to fix. PingPlotter shows you exactly where the issue lives, so you can prove your problem to the right people or take matters into your own hands.

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When you have a network issue, speedtests and other web tools can only tell you so much. PingPlotter tracks latency and packet loss from your perspective. You can actually see who to talk to, be it your ISP, your streaming platform’s support, or your IT-saavy neighbor.

When you find your issue, PingPlotter makes it easy to share the evidence. Create unique webpages and link to your PingPlotter results — great for speeding up support or sharing with helpful strangers on the Internet.


Test two targets at the same time

See your device's network perspecive

Measure latency & packet loss

Discover networked devices

Ping with ICMP, UDP, and TCP packets

Run on macOS or Windows

Trigger alerts when bad internet occurs

Share snapshot results with anyone

Install & run on your computer