Single Device Monitoring with Standard Edition

Find evidence and take action.

When it comes to your network uptime, every moment counts. PingPlotter helps you and your team find and fix issues faster.

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Get the answers you need.

When you’re having trouble streaming, gaming, or just using the internet, it’s hard to know what to fix. PingPlotter shows you exactly where the issue lives, so you can prove your problem to the right people or take matters into your own hands.

PingPlotter tests the route between you and the services you use to help you identify the bandwidth bottlenecks, WiFi interference, or faulty hardware impacting your connection.

New to troubleshooting?

Our Getting Started Guide has everything you need to go from network novice to PingPlotter pro. Check it out! 

Don’t just find the problem — fix it.

When you have a network issue, speedtests and other web tools can only tell you so much. PingPlotter tracks latency and packet loss from your perspective. You can actually see who to talk to, be it your ISP, your streaming platform’s support, or your IT-saavy neighbor.

When you find your issue, PingPlotter makes it easy to share the evidence. Create unique webpages and link to your PingPlotter results — great for speeding up support or sharing with helpful strangers on the Internet.

I ran it on my computer and my neighbor's computer to show it was a them (ISP) problem. Best weapon is proof.

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The tools you need to get real results.

If it pings, you can fix it

Test connections to game hosts, voice servers, or websites.

Compare servers directly

Test two connections at once and know for sure which server will give you the best results.

Test smart devices

PingPlotter can help you troubleshoot any device on your network, from laptops to lightbulbs.

Share and collaborate

Generate web-hosted reports for sharing with customer support, in Discord, or on help forums.

Create custom alerts

Set conditions and trigger automatic actions when your ping takes a turn for the worse.

Always be tracing

PingPlotter’s both CPU and bandwidth-friendly, so you always have one eye on your network.

Single Device Monitoring with Standard Edition

Monthly Subscription

Perpetual License

Find the source of your issue. Troubleshoot home connections and capture proof of network issues to share with ISPs and IT support.

Local Troubleshooting

Monitor two targets

Share real evidence

Perpetual licenses include a free year of maintenance. Learn more.

I just set it to constantly test at all hours of the day. It can monitor your packet loss and graph it out.

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Your success is our promise.

PingPlotter Standard comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can trust our commitment to your success.

Priority support included.

Between onboarding support, remote sessions, and a priority ticket queue, our Service Team puts you first.