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See when and why networks fail.

Monitor and troubleshoot remote or home networks to find internet problems over time with objective metrics that prove the source of trouble to your service provider.

Discover bottlenecks on your home network.

Monitor connection quality around the globe.

Get ahead of work-from-home internet problems.

Finding the source of internet problem

Find why remote networks fail.

Keep remote workers online and productive with PingPlotter Cloud.

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Visual Information

Graph diagnostic information to quickly identify problems & patterns.


Instant Feedback

Detect changes in real-time. No waiting between samples!


Historical Data

Capture what happens before, during, and after problems occur.


Specific Perspective

See the network from a particular computer's point of view.


Trustworthy Results

Measure trusted metrics like latency, packet loss, jitter, and more.

PingPlotter Makes Network Troubleshooting Suck Less

Monitoring the network

Monitor Internet Connections Continually test the network and plot latency, packet loss, and jitter on an infinite timeline.

Inspire Provider Action Build a case using a proven format and share evidence with anyone when the problem isn't on your end.

Which Fits You Best?

Cloud Monitoring

PingPlotter Cloud Trace many routes from many computers

Screenshot of PingPlotter Cloud Quality Monitor Dashboard

Best For
Monitoring and troubleshooting remote worker internet.

Contact center, legal IT, VoIP, financial services, insurance.

Web-based dashboard managed by us.

Monitor thousands of remotely-installed computers.

Share live results with anyone, network troubleshooting assistant, quickly deploy hundreds of data-collection agents.

A flexible subscription based on the number of monitored endpoints (details).

Desktop Monitoring

PingPlotter Standard & Professional Trace many routes from one computer

PingPlotter Professional screenshot trace and timeline graphs

Best For
When your job is responsible for network quality.

Sysadmins, engineers, technicians, analysts, IT professionals.

Platform-native interface managed by you.

Monitor hundreds of targets from one computer.

Jitter timeline graph, local network discovery, advanced packet & engine settings.

A flexible subscription or perpetual license based on devices (details).

Ruby Receptionists case study

“Now we can actually go in and see, yes, there really is a problem. We can tell when it started and when it's going to end. And that visibility is something we just didn't have before.”

Chris Georgeson Director of Technology at Ruby Receptionists

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Local network troubleshooting Run two traces from one computer

Best for
Troubleshooting your home internet connection.

Gamers, streamers, broadcasters, traders