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PingPlotter helps test your network, diagnose the problem, and work toward a solution. Different tools are available depending on the problem you're solving.

Are you troubleshooting for yourself or someone else?

I'm troubleshooting a problem for myself

End User tools are best for

Online gamers

Remote workers

Live streamers

Network engineers

IT professionals


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I'm helping someone else with a problem

Service Provider tools are best for

Contact centers, legal IT, VoIP, & hosted services.

Teams responsible for supporting a remote workforce.

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Faster Problem Solving.
Better Communication.

PingPlotter is a network troubleshooting tool. It plots diagnostic metrics like ping, traceroute, and jitter on an infinite timeline you can use to identify bottlenecks and prove the source of problems.

Screenshot of PingPlotter trace and
                timeline graph

Fastest sample rate

Ping by the second while alternative solutions ping by the minute.


Industry standard metrics

Measure latency, packet loss, jitter, and mean opinion score (MOS).


Visual diagnostics

Discover intermittent patterns and simplify the communication of issues.


Proactive tools

Send notifications and trigger events in other apps with custom alerts.


Shareable results

Show diagnostic information with anyone who needs to see.


Specific perspective

Test the network from perspective of the device experiencing issues.

Pinging Since Y2K

PingPlotter was born from a laggy Quake server back around the turn of the millennium. The first graph was enough to inspire action from an ISP and get the crew playing again. The tool's helped millions around the world since then.

What used to take 45 minutes and 3 people now takes 5 minutes and a single technician."

Benjamin Brown
Systems Engineer at Climatec, LLC