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PingPlotter Professional, Standard, and Free

The PingPlotter installer contains the Professional, Standard, and Free editions in a single download. Simply run the installer for your specific OS and follow the instructions. Once installed, you can select the edition you wish to use.

PingPlotter Sidekick

Your PingPlotter Sidekick download can be accessed using the login credentials sent to your email. Simply follow the instructions to download and install Sidekick.

PingPlotter Cloud

Your PingPlotter Cloud dashboard can be accessed from pingplotter.cloud — no download needed! From there, you can manage and distribute Cloud Agent installers on the Agents screen.


Version 5.21.2.
Released 2021-11-05.


Version 5.21.2.
Released 2021-11-05.


Version 1.4.1.
Released 2021-06-13.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I do if I am unable to download the PingPlotter .exe file?

If you're having problems downloading the .exe installer for PingPlotter, try downloading the .zip version. If you’re still having trouble, let our Service Team know, and we can get it sorted out.

Where can I find older versions of PingPlotter?

If you're unable to run the latest version of PingPlotter, you can always access older versions via your account page, or by entering your license key here.

Where do I enter my PingPlotter license key?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed PingPlotter, enter your license key by clicking Help -> Enter License Key. After you’ve entered a valid key, PingPlotter will switch to the correct version.

You can also download a version of PingPlotter with your license info already baked in from your account page.

How do I purchase perpetual licenses, maintenance, or upgrades?

Our Service Team can help you procure new perpetual licenses and custom orders. If you already have a PingPlotter license or subscription, your account page has everything you need to add licenses, activate maintenance, or upgrade versions.

How do I uninstall PingPlotter?

To uninstall PingPlotter on Windows, find the PingPlotter folder from your Start menu, open it, and run Uninstall or Modify Installation. Click through the wizard to fully remove PingPlotter.

If you're uninstalling because of an expired trial, don't forget you can continue using PingPlotter Free.

If you're moving to a new machine, follow these instructions in our knowledge base.

When we build our coast-to-coast services we rely heavily on PingPlotter Pro to verify jitter, latency, and packet loss. We develop a report that shows this over time to provide to our customers.

Ryan Gonzalez
IT & Networks at NASA Launch Services

When you need to see the network, PingPlotter is ready.

Whether you’re supporting a team or fixing your own connection, PingPlotter has the tools to help you get results.

Support end-users.

PingPlotter’s comprehensive metrics and instant response times makes finding even intermittent issues a breeze.

End-User Support

Validate network quality.

PingPlotter’s ease of deployment and intuitive interface takes the tedium out of validating remote employee networks.

Network Validation

Monitor infrastructure.

PingPlotter’s alerts inform your team of issues immediately, be they on site or distributed throughout a remote office.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Troubleshoot your network.

PingPlotter’s line of single-user licenses and platform products are perfect for both the intrepid DIYer and the solo technician.