PingPlotter is available in three editions - Pro, Standard, and Freeware. See our feature comparison for a list of differences. All versions currently run on the Microsoft Windows platform (including XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2012, Windows 7 and 8). See our system requirements page for more details.

Both PingPlotter Standard and PingPlotter Pro Downloads include a free 30 day trial.

More Information

The Standard and Pro downloads allow you to evaluate the complete feature set for 30 days to see which edition is right for you.

If you’re new to PingPlotter, or even an experienced user, please check out the PingPlotter Getting Started Guide to help you get up to speed quickly in the use PingPlotter after you have it downloaded.

PingPlotter Freeware

Download PingPlotter FREE

Download PingPlotter Freeware v1.30
(released July 12th, 2010) via HTTP or FTP. 800KB.

Problems downloading?

We’ve had some reports of download problems while using newer versions of Internet Explorer. If that’s your browser and you’re getting “couldn’t be downloaded” messages, try use the FTP link above or try a different browser (like FireFox or Chrome).

If you’re having problems downloading the .exe installers for PingPlotter, you can also try downloading the .zip versions of PingPlotter Pro or PingPlotter Standard.