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All PingPlotter downloads include a free 30 day trial. During your trial we encourage you to try Free, Standard, and Professional editions to ensure you find the best PingPlotter for you situation. After the trial expires, you can buy Standard or Professional - or keep using the Free edition at no charge.

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v4.00.3 (8.3 MB) | Released April 24, 2015 | Download via FTP | Release notes

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Beta 1 | Released May 12, 2015 | Beta notes

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If you’re new to PingPlotter, or even an experienced user, please check out the PingPlotter Getting Started Guide to help you get up to speed quickly in the use PingPlotter after you have it downloaded.

Already have a license key?

After you download, enter your key by clicking Help > Enter License Key. After you provide a valid key, PingPlotter runs according to your selected edition.

Problems downloading?

We’ve had some reports of download problems while using newer versions of Internet Explorer. If that’s your browser and you’re getting “couldn’t be downloaded” messages, try use the FTP link above or try a different browser (like FireFox or Chrome).

If you’re having problems downloading the .exe installer for PingPlotter, you can also try downloading the .zip version.