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  • 10 minute history graph
  • Measure latency and packet loss
  • Trace with ICMP packets
  • See the route packets follow
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All Free Edition Features +

  • 48 hour history graph
  • Intermediate hop timelines
  • Customizable alerts
  • Trace with UDP or TCP packets
  • Image sharing
  • Timeline graph navigation
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All Standard Edition Features+

  • 7 day history graph
  • Multi-target tracing
  • At-a-glance target summary
  • VoIP metrics
  • Web interface
  • Remote agent
  • Run as Windows service
  • Scripting engine
  • Load and merge sample sets
  • Named configurations
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All fulfillment is done electronically, via email, within a few seconds after your payment is confirmed. If you'd like help selecting which edition is right for you, check out the feature comparison page. Customers interested in multiple licenses can visit the volume pricing schedule for information about multi-license pricing.

Licenses, Upgrades, and Maintenance

PingPlotter licenses are perpetual. Once you own a license, you can use that version forever.

New licenses include 1 year of free maintenance. Active maintenance includes perks like inclusive upgrades and priority support. More information about subscription is available on the maintenance page.

The easiest place to purchase upgrades and maintenance extensions is the account system. If you lost your email, or can't access your account, you can enter your license key into backup page to process your upgrade.

PingPlotter Standard, or MultiPing license(s) can be converted to PingPlotter Pro licenses on the PingPlotter Pro upgrade page.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email us. If you're interested in the terms of our "common sense" licensing agreement, please visit it here.