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PingPlotter for Windows

Version 5.3.2 (13.7 MB) Released November 30, 2016

Details | Release notes | System requirements | FTP download

Other Platforms

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5.3.2 (13.7 MB ) November 30, 2016
5.3.2 (21.8 MB ) November 28, 2016
1.2.2 (52.3 MB ) Oct 11, 2016

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After you download, enter your key by clicking Help > Enter License Key. After you provide a valid key, PingPlotter runs according to your selected edition.

If you're not able to run the latest version of PingPlotter, you can always access older versions of our programs via your account page, or by entering your license key here. If you do not have a license key, Version 4 downloads are available through this page.

We’ve had some reports of download problems while using newer versions of Internet Explorer. If that’s your browser and you’re getting “couldn’t be downloaded” messages, try use the FTP link above or try a different browser (like FireFox or Chrome).

If you’re having problems downloading the .exe installer for PingPlotter, you can also try downloading the .zip version.

If you're moving to a new machine, follow the instructions in our knowledge base article.

To uninstall PingPlotter, Find the PingPlotter folder from your start menu, open it, and run "Uninstall or Modify Installation". Click through the wizard to fully remove PingPlotter. For more detail and information about additional options see the product manual. If you're uninstalling because of an expired trial, don't forget you can switch to free edition and use it forever.