Perpetual Network Surveillance

PingPlotter Professional Sceenshot

PingPlotter Professional

Includes everything in Standard Edition plus tools for multi-target monitoring, interfacing with other systems, and remote data colletion.

Test hundreds of targets at once

Measure latency, packet loss, and jitter

Collect data via remote agent

Organize targets across summary screens

Multiple saved packet configurations

Share live data with web interface

Uses Cases

For Home

Supervise every device in your connected home, get notified of disconnects, and diagnose problems quickly.

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For Business

Keep tabs on the entire network, solve problems faster, and communicate better with less technical team members.

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Other Editions

PingPlotter Free

One target at once, limited history, time graph for final hop only, only your files are loadable.

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Test one or two targets at once, view all hops and history, get alerted about network events.

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