PingPlotter Professional

Perpetual Network Monitoring

Visualize network performance data across hundreds of targets with tools built for monitoring even the most complex infrastructures, helping you find and fix problems fast.

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Take a proactive approach to your network

PingPlotter Professional measures latency, packet loss, and other advanced metrics then presents it in clear, easy-to-parse graphs and charts. You can quickly find the source of a problem and start fixing it before anyone’s the wiser.

Monitor everything at once

PingPlotter Professional allows for multi-target monitoring you just can't do with tools like ping and tracert. PingPlotter shows the status of every hop between you and hundreds of individual endpoints, so you know exactly where to look and what to fix. And since each trace can be custom-calibrated, you can be confident you’re getting the most accurate data.

See the network, find the problem

Since PingPlotter collects and graphs network performance data over time, you get the whole story, not just a snapshot. PingPlotter’s scrollable, scalable graphs can show a target trace history — from minutes to months — while letting you zoom in on a specific moment or incident.

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Identify connected devices

PingPlotter’s network discovery tool can scan local networks and document every connected device — from servers to smart hubs — so you never have to spend time finding an IP address for the router down the hall. Trace to connected devices with only a few extra clicks.

Let PingPlotter keep watch

PingPlotter’s alert features help you proactively identify problems instead of waiting to hear from a frustrated client. Easily set up email alerts, logs, and even alert sounds for custom criteria. Get automatic notification for route changes, latency and packet loss, and more.

Quickly solve customer problems

Get effective, actionable trace data from customers running PingPlotter. All PingPlotter editions can generate private webpages in the cloud with test summaries and downloadable data to streamline your communication and troubleshooting.

Collaborate effectively

Share a view of your active traces with colleagues with PingPlotter Pro’s web interface. View traces and make simple modifications from any modern browser on your network. Collaboratively solve problems without crowding everyone behind a single desk. Available only on Windows.

Powerful features to stay ahead of the curve

Trace final hop only.
Save on resources in situations where you're testing large numbers of targets at once.

Toggle network cards.
Directly control which network cards PingPlotter Pro uses for any trace and compare in real time.

Advanced metrics.
Monitor VoIP and streaming service quality with real time jitter graphing and MOS logging.

Save only what you need.
Customizable auto-save settings let you manage hundreds of traces without slowing down.

Organize multiple profiles.
Save and load targets and settings to help you avoid doing the same work multiple times.

Save configuration settings.
Named configurations make it easy to apply different packet settings to different targets.

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