PingPlotter Professional

Perpetual Network Surveillance

PingPlotter Professional is graphical network monitoring software that plots latency and packet loss data for up to hundreds of targets at once. It includes everything in PingPlotter Standard plus tools for multi-target monitoring, interfacing with other systems, and remote data collection.

Access through web browser

The web interface broadcasts PingPlotter across the web. It's useful for sharing information and managing the program remotely.

Select your network interface card

Directly control which network cards PingPlotter Pro uses for any trace. Compare multiple network connections in real time, test primary and secondary NICs in parallel, and monitor multi-NIC servers.

Save packet setting combinations

Named configurations make it easy to apply different packet settings to different targets.

View jitter graph

Jitter is the amount of variation in latency/response time, in milliseconds. The metric is useful when troubleshooting VoIP and other streaming services.

Detect & Inspect Route Changes

Route change alerts help investigate whether problems relate to specific paths through the network.

Follow changing IP addresses

Dynamic DNS improves long-term monitoring consistency by preventing PingPlotter from losing targets when IP addresses change.

Find devices on your network

Network discovery scans your local network and makes a list of the devices it finds. From there, you can add devices as targets to support your troubleshooting effort.

Capture evidence of network problems

Long-term monitoring perpetually collects information. If you're gone when something happens, you can always scroll back to inspect the event.

Find out when networks misbehave

Alerts notify you via email, sounds, tray icons, and more when network performance meets your criteria.

Automatically run in the background

Running as a service launches PingPlotter when your machine starts up. From there, the program starts tracing and continues even if you log out.

Specify the protocol you need

Ping any website with support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

 PingPlotter for Windows

Version 5.9.1 released 2019-03-14

What's new?
  • Summary screen convenience
  • Jitter "target" line
  • Import/Export improvements
  • 64-bit system architecture

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