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Illustration of an excavation worker standing in a pool of water. Their phone displays the 811 logo and the words 'Call Dropped.'

Safeguarding Oklahoma's Infrastructure with OKIE811

PingPlotter for Contact Centers helped OKIE811 quickly troubleshoot internet problems and better manage their remote contact center.

As the central communications hub for underground damage prevention in Oklahoma, OKIE811 plays a critical role in maintaining the safety of both people and infrastructure.

Because 90% of OKIE811’s contact center agents operate remotely and process tickets and location requests from across the state, it’s imperative that these remote agents maintain a stable and reliable home internet connection to deliver uninterrupted service.

Navigating connectivity challenges in a remote contact center environment

To enhance capabilities and efficiency, OKIE811 began transitioning to a Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) system. However, this shift soon highlighted the impact of poor internet connectivity for OKIE811’s agents.

Remote agents’ unstable and unreliable internet connections soon began to impact safety. Remote agents found themselves unable to hear or communicate with excavators at crucial times, increasing the risk of costly errors and unsafe conditions for those working in the field.

Come to find out it was their local network having some issues.

Troy Daniels, IT & GIS Manager at OKIE811

Due to these communication delays, issues were being reported by remote agents well after they occurred, often resulting in long, drawn-out troubleshooting investigations that took weeks before the root cause could be identified. Issues became so prevalent that OKIE811 employees jokingly referred to them as "CCaaS Syndrome"—the phenomenon of agents blaming every problem, regardless of its origin, on the new CCaaS system.

OKIE811 lacked the necessary data to pinpoint the source of communications disruptions for their agents. As problems escalated, operations were disrupted, and OKIE811 attempted to identify the problem by shipping new hardware to the agents and, eventually, compelling them to return to the office. "We would have them come in and maybe replace a headset,” says Troy Daniels, OKIE811 IT & GIS Manager. “We thought that maybe it had something to do with call quality and then they would go back home, test it out, and it wasn't the headset. Come to find out it was their local network having some issues."

OKIE811 recognized an urgent need for a solution that could provide clear insights into their network performance and help differentiate between connectivity issues that were local to the customer service representative (CSR), their ISP, or the CCaaS system.

Empowering proactive network management with PingPlotter

OKIE811 Director of Operations Jerrell Welch discovered PingPlotter for Contact Centers at an industry event, and became intrigued by its ability to provide continuous, real-time insights into connection quality.

Deploying PingPlotter was a seamless process for OKIE811, and PingPlotter’s user-friendly interface made it easy to share results.

It didn’t take long for OKIE811 to discover that PingPlotter offered immediate visibility into internet connectivity, along with a wealth of historical data for deep insights into potential issues. This kind of data was instrumental for OKIE811 to institute a proactive approach for tackling internet connectivity problems before they occur.

Instead of us trying to chase a problem, we're already collecting the data before it even happens.

James Eye, IT Operations Administrator at OKIE811

PingPlotter for Contact Centers also helped OKIE811 uncover a multitude of previously unnoticed network issues and helped them get to the root causes of problems. “It’s hard to quantify how often we had connectivity issues… before PingPlotter we thought [the problem] was hardware. Now we’ve realized they were connectivity issues,” says Daniels.

By leveraging PingPlotter for Contact Centers, OKIE811 instantly experienced significant time savings when identifying and resolving intermittent issues—and it also helped them pinpoint third-party ISP problems. “Thanks to PingPlotter, we didn't spin our wheels and waste 24 hours of work time to figure out this wasn't a hardware problem, but an ISP problem. [Our CSR] contacted her ISP, they came out to fix it and we haven't had an issue since,” says Operations Administrator James Eye.

What’s more, PingPlotter seamlessly integrated into OKIE811's processes, with the question, “Have you checked PingPlotter?” quickly becoming a common first step in troubleshooting.

PingPlotter emerged as the go-to tool for addressing call-related issues, enabling OKIE811 to identify connectivity issues with speed and precision. As a result, they experienced a drastic reduction in the time required to diagnose internet-related issues, from an average of 30 minutes to just 1 minute. “Instead of us trying to chase a problem, we're already collecting the data before it even happens,” says Eye.

With PingPlotter, OKIE811 has improved their ability to test out new work-from-home locations, getting ahead of any kind of network issues for new employees before clearing an agent to begin work. “Previously, without PingPlotter, it would take us a week or two to diagnose and figure out that it was a local network problem,” says Daniels. “And now we're able to get in front of that and do that vetting before agents start working from home.”

OKIE811 expects PingPlotter will continue to play a pivotal role in their network management strategy—it’s already being used extensively in their latest CCaaS migrations. “PingPlotter helps ensure that when we go to troubleshoot any issues with the new CCaaS, we are troubleshooting CCasS itself. We have ruled out connectivity issues on our end,” says Welch.

PingPlotter has allowed our supervisors to be more confident, quickly be able to to take a look at their team and identify if somebody is having an issue that needs to be escalated to our IT team.

Jerrell Welch, Director of Operations at OKIE811

Advancing Operational Resilience with PingPlotter

Integrating PingPlotter into OKIE811's operational framework has marked a turning point in OKIE811’s approach to network monitoring and management. By providing real-time insights into connectivity issues and historical perspective for informed decision-making, PingPlotter has become an integral tool for OKIE811, helping to streamline their troubleshooting processes and enhance operational resilience.

With PingPlotter, OKIE811 experienced significant time savings in identifying and resolving network-related issues and reduced operational disruptions. PingPlotter's user-friendly interface facilitated seamless collaboration among team members and empowered agents to address connectivity issues proactively, safeguarding the integrity of OKIE811's operations and its commitment to safety.

Looking ahead, OKIE811 anticipates further enhancements in operational efficiency, proactive network management, and overall service excellence thanks to their partnership with PingPlotter.

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