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Internet Troubleshooting for Ordinary Internet Users

Test the connection between you and the services you use and share actionable data with people who can help.
Identify bandwidth bottlenecks, WiFi interference, or faulty hardware impacting your internet.


Graphical Troubleshooting

Collect traceroute data for two connections at once. Visualize data in readable graphs.


Discover Local Devices

Automatically discover devices on your network and start testing them with ease.


Advanced Metrics

Track latency and packet loss over time. Test connections with ICMP, UDP, and TCP packets.


Share Snapshots

Share snapshots of your trace data with IT teams to inspect, whether they have PingPlotter or not.


Customizable Alerts

Get notified of connection patterns and spot problems before they turn critical.


All-Star Support

Get the personal support you need by email or phone, or do it yourself with our handy guides.