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Illustration of the PingPlotter Cloud Interface

Make More Connections with PingPlotter for Contact Centers

PingPlotter constantly monitors remote agent internet connections, so you know instantly if there's a problem. Your contact center can find and fix issues faster — which means better call quality and excellent customer experience (CX).

Crank Up that CX

With PingPlotter, you will experience more reliable internet connections, resulting in fewer dropped calls, shorter call hold times and happier customers.

Make More $

Disconnections can cause lost sales, burned leads, contract penalties, and disgruntled customers that definitely won’t call back. Boost your bottom line by using PingPlotter.

Remote Agent Internet Impacts your Contact Center's CX and Profitability

See how poor agent internet connections impact your business.

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Build a Dream Team

PingPlotter shows you which remote agents have a good internet connection — and those who do not. Determine which team members get put into the call queue and prove who’s REALLY having internet issues.

Hire Smarter

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire remote agents in an area of the country that doesn’t have constant internet problems? With PingPlotter, you can pre-qualify new agent connections so they can be call-ready on their first day.

Get the Big Picture

Quality Monitor lets you see the connection quality for hundreds of remote agents on a single dashboard — so you know for sure if home networks are working properly before it impacts CX and operations.

Ask Your Assistant

Insights, our PingPlotter AI, automatically detects potential problems, ranks them in order of severity and suggests how to resolve them.

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Illustration of the PingPlotter Cloud Interface

Maximize Uptime

PingPlotter monitors agent internet connections a staggering 34,560 times a day. It captures more issues than a single-point-in-time speed test — super-duper quick and without interrupting agent workflow.

"This product has been a staple in our environment to monitor trends to verify our customers experience is always as they expect. The network analysis and graph with logging is huge for us."

— Dave D. GetApp Review

Keep Watch

PingPlotter alerts will instantly notify you when an internet connection on your network starts to experience issues. Your contact center can fix problems faster, reducing agent internet downtime.

Get Jiggy Wid-get

PingPlotter Cloud’s new dashboard ups the ante with customizable widgets and data display options. You can keep track of important metrics — like latency, packet loss, jitter and MOS — and make sure your agent internet connections are stellar.

Customize Your Ride

Create a Custom Agent Field in PingPlotter so you know when a remote agent starts their shift and then clocks out. Amazing.

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“Now we can actually go in and see, yes, there really is a problem. We can tell when it started and when it's going to end. And that visibility is something we just didn't have before.”

Chris Georgeson Director of Technology at Ruby Receptionists

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Features that Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Prove it!

LiveShare shows upper management the source of internet problems in real-time, fostering better conversations.

Roll it Out in a flash!

Install PingPlotter on hundreds of remote computers in a few hours with mass deployment. Your IT guy will be overwhelmed with joy.

We Got You!

Our Support Team can help you with deployment, interpreting PingPlotter results, and walk you through ALL of our PingPlotter features.

Find out how PingPlotter can help your contact center and book a demo with one of our product specialists.
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Illustration of the PingPlotter Cloud Interface