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Save time troubleshooting VoIP connections.

Whether it's intermittent or consistent, a choppy video connection makes it harder to get work done. PingPlotter Cloud helps monitor network performance metrics from the device's perspective so you can troubleshoot Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other collaboration application from anywhere.

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Deploy in minutes.

Monitor on-prem or remote connections in one place. All your customers need to do is click a link.

Collect important metrics.

See real-time jitter and MOS performance — critical for assessing call quality and consistency.

Decrease issue resolution times.

Get metrics directly from your users' devices. Skip the back-and-forth.

Used by technicians at top companies
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See everything at once.

Supporting work-from-home clients and avoiding truck rolls just got a ton easier. PingPlotter Cloud efficiently collects network diagnostics from any network-connected computer, be it running Windows, macOS or Linux, and sends it to a central location.

Unlike other solutions, Cloud doesn’t charge per machine or cap data usage, so you can troubleshoot an entire remote workforce without breaking the bank.

Screenshot of PingPlotter's Quality Monitor

Get their point of view.

Cloud gives you the tools to understand a network as users experience it by tracing the actual route your client’s data takes, be it for SaaS apps, remote desktops, VPNs, or VoIP. Your whole team can monitor multiple devices on both local and remote networks from a single interface.

Illustration of a remote technician sending a PingPlotter agent to an end user

Deploy to anywhere in minutes.

Cloud is completely software-based. Instead of relying on hardware, Cloud generates custom activation links for you and your clients. With one click, they can download an agent pre-configured for remote communication. And that’s it! You’ll be able to test for jitter, packet loss, latency, and more while they get back to business.

How does it work?

All it takes is deploying an agent to a client machine. Agents test the network and relay the information to your team for analysis. You can deploy multiple agents and there’s no data limit. Agent settings can also be adjusted on the fly — trace UDP and TCP, adjust polling rates, and modify packet settings within seconds.

A diagram of how Cloud works

Agents deploy to client machines, enabling you to remotely troubleshoot connections as if it were your computer.


Our custom-built web service delivers data between your Agents and engineers in real-time, ensuring the information they need is reliably available.


Everything is controlled through a single portal. Test and monitor remote endpoints while sharing performance info with clients from within the same interface.

See the difference perspective makes.

Improving VoIP call quality is just one of the ways PingPlotter Cloud helps keep you connected. Schedule a quick intro call to learn more.

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