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Examples of PingPlotter graphs and statistics
Find and fix network issues faster

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Whether you're fighting lag in an online game or troubleshooting a customer's VoIP call, PingPlotter can help you find the source of connection problems.

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PingPlotter Sidekick detects potential issues causing slow internet and suggests ways to improve your connection.

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Collaborate for success

There are two sides to every connection — and every issue. PingPlotter’s tools help service providers, IT support, and end-users work together with automated alerts, shareable test results, and easy-to-read graphs.

Pingplotter is great. [We] use it to prove ISP issues over network issues on our end for our work at home users.

Benjamin Brown
Systems Engineer at Climatec, LLC


Advanced metrics

Monitor VoIP and stream quality with real-time jitter graphing and MOS calculation.


Local device discovery

PingPlotter's device discovery makes hardware and IoT device troubleshooting a snap.


Intuitive web interface

View and share results with a web interface perfect for managing on-site deployments.


Robust alert system

Automate responses for any network condition with REST calls, SNMP triggers, email reporting, and more.


Comprehensive testing

ICMP, TCP, and UDP support for testing every type of network issue, giving you accurate, actionable data.


Multi-NIC support

Parallel network card support allows for tandem WAN, LAN, and WiFi testing from a single instance.

Illustration of network route with issue detected in the middle.

The Beginner's Guide to Solving Network Problems

Network problems suck, but you can do more than reboot your router. Follow this step-by-step guide and we'll show you how to find the source of your problem and start working toward a solution.

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Common Network Problems

Learn how to diagnose common network performance issues and how PingPlotter visualizes them.

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Product Knowledge & Support

Looking for help? Find product manuals, helpful links, and get in touch with PingPlotter Support here.

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