Prove the Source of
Attorney Internet Problems

If a lawyer won't believe your VPN is innocent, they need evidence to change their mind. PingPlotter delivers the visibility required to find & communicate the source of internet connection problems quickly.

You'll find the evidence you need to avoid unproductive finger-pointing and begin working toward solutions in no time.

“It's hard to argue with people who argue for a living and I needed data to give me and my team a leg to stand on.”

Timothy R. Quigg
Director of Technology at Levenfeld Pearlstein

See how Levenfeld Pearlstein keeps their team online with PingPlotter Cloud.

More remote work expands IT's responsibility beyond the corporate network. The firm depends on your team for a solution when home internet problems disrupt a lawyer's work, and by now you've probably experienced the unproductive blame game that happens when attempting to persuade someone their home internet is to blame for the disruption.

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Join Caroline Hill of Legal IT Insider as she ventures on a demo of PingPlotter Cloud with one of our engineers.

Legal IT's Internet Troubleshooting Solution

Everything you need to improve work-from-anywhere operations.


Remote end user testing

Test internet connections on any Windows, macOS, or Linux device.


Share live results

Show end-users network performance and the source of problems in real-time.


Automated troubleshooting

Automatically lead end-users through the process with the Insights wizard.


Fastest sample rate

Ping by the second while alternative solutions ping by the minute.


Visual diagnostics

Discover intermittent patterns and simplify the communication of issues.


Industry standard metrics

Measure latency, packet loss, jitter, and mean opinion score (MOS).


Integration tools

Send notifications and trigger events in other apps with custom alerts.


Collaborative experience

Users and permissions help your team stay in the loop and focused on uptime.


Quality definitions

Rate internet quality for video, voice, remote desktop, email and more.

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What Legal IT Can Learn From the Cloud-Connected Firm

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Automate End User Troubleshooting with Insights

“The dream version of PingPlotter has always been a tool that can tell you exactly what your network problem is and guide anyone on how to fix it.”

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Get a head start with PingPlotter Cloud’s Agent presets

“PingPlotter Cloud’s latest update speeds up remote deployment, getting you network diagnostic data in an instant.”

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