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Assisted Network Troubleshooting with PingPlotter Insights

In our minds, the dream version of PingPlotter has always been a tool that can tell you exactly what your network problem is and guide anyone — be they an IT pro or an end user — on how to fix it. That’s where PingPlotter Insights comes in — our network analysis tool.

Simply put, Insights tests a device’s internet connection and identifies what the problem is, where it happened, when it occurred, and how to fix it. With Insights, you can look through days’ worth of data in an instant to find incidents and diagnose issues. Plus, Insights helps IT teams dispatch more of the workload to front-line support and basic network troubleshooting to end users.

Gaining Insight into Insights

Let's go a bit deeper into how Insights works and what it can do for you.

Basically, Insights can:

  • Walk you or an end user through a series of steps designed to remove confounding variables (e.g. WiFi) and test the internet connection.
  • Identify potential issues, determine if they are local or outside your network, and explain potential causes for the issues.
  • Tell you what you can do to resolve problems and improve your internet connection.

Currently, two of our PingPlotter products include Insights: Cloud and Sidekick. Cloud also has the ability to run Insights on end user machines. We call that End User Insights. In as little as 10 minutes, End User Insights will automatically analyze your customer’s data and have a diagnosis — without any intervention on your part.

Put Insights to Work

The PingPlotter Cloud interface with a highlighted Insights button

Using Insights is easy. Simply open the Target View for a trace and launch the Insights button in the upper-right corner. For more information, check out our Insights manuals:

Insights Manual

End User Insights Manual

Fast and Furious

For both IT pros and end users, Insights makes network troubleshooting a ton faster. Just hit the button and “POOF!”...every incident and every anomaly is isolated for you to evaluate. Instead of scrolling through days of data looking for issues, Insights takes you right to it.

See Insights in action and watch this video:

Relax. PingPlotter Insights has your back.

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When remote workforces have connection trouble PingPlotter Cloud helps you find the problem and get everyone back online fast.

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