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How to See All of your Internet Connections in One Place

How to See All of your Internet Connections in One Place

IT teams used to spend hours sifting through graphs and grids just to identify the end-users having network problems. Now, with PingPlotter's new Quality Monitor, you can see your entire network at a glance, pinpointing exactly who is having internet connection issues and why.

Located in the app sidebar, Quality Monitor is ideal for organizations like contact centers who monitor hundreds of remote workers daily. It quickly identifies which remote employees are having problems and reduces internet downtime.

“Contact centers need to know who should and shouldn’t be taking calls,” says Tyson Warth, PingPlotter Customer Success Engineer. “If an agent has an inefficient connection, managers can take them out of the calling queue and put them in a less network-intense channel, such as online chat or email. Quality Monitor will increase the amount of calls agents can complete successfully, saving contact centers time and money.”


Identify Network Patterns

Quality Monitor gives you the big picture of your network so you can spot patterns over time. You can also zoom in on various groups of end-users or a certain employee. From there, you can view data for the last hour, last day, last week, last month, or last year.

With Quality Monitor, you can:

Quality Monitor Donut Chart

Group, sort, and filter team members by network quality.

Quality Monitor Agent Overview Chart

Display network quality timelines for each agent in the view.

Quality Monitor Agent Quality Chart

Drill down to the details about the source of any problems.


To use the Quality Monitor dashboard:

  • Log in to PingPlotter Cloud.
  • Then, click “Quality Monitor” in the app sidebar.
  • Group, sort, and filter agents to see which connections need attention.
  • Drill down into the details of a problem.
  • Diagnose the issue with PingPlotter Insights or on your own.

To learn more, see our Quality Monitor Manual.

“With Quality Monitor, you’ll know within a matter of seconds if an employee’s connection issue is from their work-from-home network, company-wide, or isolated to a specific region,” says Warth. “Your IT team can troubleshoot connection issues before support tickets are even submitted — reducing internet downtime.”


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