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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a single license and use it on more than one computer?

Yes, a single license can be installed on a handful of machines. However, you'll only be able to run a single instance of PingPlotter one at a time. For example, two machines with the same licensed version would work, just not simultaneously.

Do you have a concurrent use license?

Not at the moment. You have the option to install PingPlotter on a machine, then uninstall and reinstall on a different machine as you need it.

How is PingPlotter licensed?

Single Licenses

A single user license is good for one user (person), and can be installed on a computer, uninstalled and moved to another machine. It's also able to be installed on more than one computer at a time, however, only one instance of PingPlotter will work at a time (not simultaneously).

Multi-Computer Licenses

Multi-computer licenses operate strictly by the number of computer installs.

How many licenses does my team need?

For Individuals

Single-user licenses are ideal for an individual IT person supporting an office or small client base. This license allows them to troubleshoot and monitor several targets.

For Teams

If a team of people need their own instance of PingPlotter, a single-user license for each person would suit them best. Allowing them to troubleshoot and monitor their own situation. If a team of people will be using the same computer (with their own user profile), then a license for each user is recommended. For teams of people needing access on several machines, multiple-computer licenses are for you. This scenario would allow several computers to all have their own independent functions with PingPlotter, troubleshooting and monitoring their own set of targets.

Can I license a PingPlotter trial?

Yes, after you purchase a license just enter the license key.

Do I need to (can I) merge my PingPlotter licenses?

Absolutely. Please email us so we can help -

Can I run PingPlotter on the main OS and also have it running inside a virtual machine with a single license?

Yes, but one at a time, not simultaneously. To do this simultaneously (including virtual machines) it would require two licenses.

Which license do I need for a single machine, but with several other users (all with their own user profile)?

A license for each individual user profile (if they require separate configurations/targets/etc.). Or, if each user profile uses the exact same instance (same configurations/targets/etc.) a single license would work.

Do you offer discounts for buying multiple licenses?

Yes, we offer volume pricing. You can see full details about our volume pricing model here. If you have additional questions about how volume pricing works or have special purchase needs - please email us at

How many licenses do I need until I qualify for volume pricing? How much do I save?

To qualify you need 2 licenses of PingPlotter Professional. The savings start at $10 off and can go up to over $1000. For more details about volume pricing, check out our volume pricing schedule.

Is it just a one time purchase to get PingPlotter?

Perpetual licenses are a one time purchase and include a year of maintenance. Subscription licenses are monthly purchases, and you can cancel anytime. You have the option (and is recommended) to purchase additional maintenance after one year. Maintenance includes priority support and inclusive upgrades. Learn more about our maintenance here.

What's a good use case for PingPlotter Professional?

Collecting data for long periods of time and sometimes from other machines. Possibly from clients/customer machines. Using features to import data automatically. Scenarios where there is a need to test many targets at a time (up to several hundred).

Use Cases: ISP's, Telecom Companies, Gaming Companies, Government Offices, Tech Support Teams

What's a good use case for PingPlotter Standard?

Collecting data over time with options to test more than one target (two at a time). Scenarios for performance based alerts and notifications. Share collected data to support staff, IT department(s) and/or ISP's.

Use Cases: Small/Medium sized businesses, Home users, Gamers, Independent Technicians/IT staff

What do I need to collect data for several clients/customers?

We recommend using PingPlotter Cloud for scenarios in which you are collecting data from multiple client/customer endpoints.

However, PingPlotter Professional can process data from multiple sources if needed.


Users can use the Share function to submit collected data to someone (like their ISP or IT support staff). Allowing people to show network results by posting them on a private share page hosted on

PingPlotter to PingPlotter

Additionally, anyone can collect data using the PingPlotter Free Edition. Then send .pp2 files to whomever they choose, so they can be opened on another instance of PingPlotter.

Learn more about PingPlotter's Share features here.

Can I install PingPlotter on a server to be used by many other users?

Shared Server Environment

We don't currently have a license built for a shared server environment. For example, a single instance of PingPlotter that can be accessible for many users all with different targets, configurations, etc.

Single License on a Server

We do however, allow you to install PingPlotter on a server. Only a single license is needed if each user is accessing the same instance of PingPlotter (same target list, configuration, etc.). If each user needs their own individual instance of PingPlotter, then each user needs their own license.

Do you consider a server to be "one computer"?

Only if PingPlotter is configured to one user profile and is a single instance that multiple users will access. If there are several user profiles that all require their own instance of PingPlotter (separate targets, configurations, etc.) then a server would be considered "multiple computers".