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Step Four

Given your results, it seems like there could be a hardware issue on your ISP’s end.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you’re going to be able to resolve on your own.

On the plus side, you’ve already collected the evidence you need right here! You can share your PingPlotter results with your service provider to get the ball rolling. They should be able to see exactly where the problem is located.

We have an extended guide explaining everything you can do to make the most compelling case to your ISP. It may take some patience, but you’re now in a much better position to argue your side of the story.

We encourage you to continue testing your network to make sure you capture as much information as you can. This will help narrow things down or account for issues like time-of-day or other fringe cases.

If you think you might still need some help…

If your PingPlotter results are pointing to your ISP, but you still can’t seem to find the root cause, share your results with our Service Team. They can help identify the possible fringe-cases we mentioned.

Get in touch!