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It seems like your issue may fall into a fringe-case that falls outside Sidekick’s ability to diagnose. However, there is still action you can take to resolve things.

If your results for Cloudflare are showing high latency and/or packet loss but aren’t seeing these conditions reflected in your results for Google, this may indicate an issue with Cloudflare itself.

If you’re seeing high latency or packet loss in the results for your Local Device, Router, or Secondary Device but not in your results for both Cloudflare and Google, you may not actually have a network issue ( learn more ).

From here, we recommend using PingPlotter to test your connection to the service with which you’re experiencing problems. We have resources available to help you test your connection to the app or service giving you trouble.

Even if you might not be seeing evidence of a network issue currently, it never hurts to keep testing your network with PingPlotter. Time-of-day, network usage, and a number of other factors can impact your network performance, and capturing that data will help you narrow down any problem you’re experiencing.

Want an extra set of eyes?

If your PingPlotter results are pointing to your local network, but you still can’t seem to find the root cause, share your results with our Service Team. They can help identify the possible fringe-cases we mentioned.

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