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Step Four

There is a reasonable chance you may be running into issues with your firewall or VPN settings.

In many cases, your firewall or VPN settings can be adjusted to allow specific traffic to pass through unimpeded. If all your results are showing 100% packet loss, you may need to add PingPlotter to your list of approved applications.

Consult your firewall or VPN’s support documentation to add approved applications (such as PingPlotter and any other critical apps). If you’re using a firewall or VPN configured by someone else (like an IT admin), share your PingPlotter results with them and let them know you may be experiencing conflicts.

You can also toggle your firewall or VPN off and continue testing with PingPlotter to see if the issue resolves. However, we don’t recommend prolonged usage or performing any security-sensitive activities while your firewall or VPN is deactivated (especially if these activities are work-related).

If your issue is firewall/VPN-related, your PingPlotter results should improve once it and other critical applications are approved.

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